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File Date Author Commit
 1.0gm 2010-05-25 [r1771] Created tag 1.0gm. Relief sigh.
 1.0rc1 2010-04-29 [r1631] Created tag 1.0rc1.
 1.0rc2 2010-05-12 [r1703] Created tag 1.0rc2.
 1.0rc3 2010-05-20 [r1759] Created tag 1.0rc3.
 1.0rc4 2010-05-21 [r1764] Created tag 1.0rc4.
 1.5gm 2011-06-09 svergoti [r2168] Updated as requested by our...
 1.5rc1 2010-10-15 [r1953] Recreated tag 1.5rc1.
 1.5rc2 2010-10-29 [r1957] Created tag 1.5rc2.
 1.6-sprint-1 2011-02-10 acucu [r1988] Creating a tag for the 1.6 Sprint 1 drop
 1.6-sprint-2 2011-03-08 acucu [r2042] Creating 1.6-sprint-2 tag
 1.6-sprint-3 2011-04-06 cdobre [r2094] OSMF 1.6 sprint 3 tag.
 1.6-sprint-5 2011-06-06 cdobre [r2165] Create OSMF sprint 5 tag.
 1.6.1 2011-09-23 lpop [r2368] Creating 1.6.1 tag for OSMF
 1.6.mid-sprint-2 2011-02-18 svergoti [r2001] Recreating the 1.6.mid-sprint-2 tag
 1.6gm 2011-09-08 cdobre [r2347] Create OSMF 1.6 Release tag.
 1.6rc2 2011-07-13 cdobre [r2217] OSMF 1.5 RC2 tag
 1.6rc4 2011-08-09 cdobre [r2248] OSMF 1.6 Release Candidate 4
 1.6rc5 2011-08-12 cdobre [r2255] Creating OSMF 1.6 RC5 tag.
 1.6rc6 2011-08-22 cdobre [r2281] Created OSMF 1.6 Release Candidate 6
 1.6rc7 2011-09-08 cdobre [r2346] Activate StageVideo Support in OSMFPlayer.
 2.0gm 2012-03-22 svergoti [r2495] Creating OSMF 2.0 tag
 20100212 2010-02-13 [r1083] Created tag 20100212.
 fc1-stable 2010-04-19 [r1562] Created tag fc1-stable.
 flex4 2009-11-19 [r520] Special checkin to the flex branch for FM-205
 neon-fc-stable 2010-10-01 [r1934] Created tag neon-fc-stable.
 neon-sprint3-stable 2010-09-10 [r1883] Created tag neon-sprint3-stable.
 sprint10-stable 2010-03-08 [r1289] Created tag sprint10-stable.
 sprint3-stable 2009-08-31 [r63] Renamed sprint3 (osmf/tags/sprint3) to sprint3-...
 sprint4-stable 2009-08-31 [r62] Renamed sprint4 (osmf/tags/sprint4) to sprint4-...
 sprint5-stable 2009-08-31 [r81] Created tag sprint5-stable.
 sprint6-stable 2009-10-05 [r317] Reverting to MediaPlayerSprite, from Region Spr...
 sprint7-stable 2009-11-03 [r436] Another update to tag sprint7-stable.
 sprint8-stable 2009-12-18 [r681] Created tag sprint8-stable.
 sprint9-stable 2010-02-02 [r967] Recreated tag sprint9-stable.

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