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History of Flex

2002 | Macromedia coins the term Rich Internet Application (RIA) and after a few precursors begins development on a project codenamed "Royale".
2003| Royale demoed at Macromedia MAX.
2004| Flex 1.0 released in March.
Flex 1.5 released in November.
2005|Flash Player introduces new virtual machine that improves performance by an order of magnitude.
Development begins on Flex 2, a rewrite intended to leverage new Flash Player capabilities.
Flex 2 Alpha released at MAX in October.
Macromedia Labs introduced.
Adobe acquires Macromedia in December.
2006|Flex 2 released in June.
2007|Flex 2.0.1 released in January.
Adobe announces Flex moving to open source in April.
Flex 3 Beta released in June.
Public bug system goes live.
2008|Flex 3 released in February and open source site goes live.| |2010|Flex 4 released in March.|


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