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  • Committed [2e89c1]

    Updated Italian translation. Thanks to Motenai ...

  • Committed [eced84]

    Fixed Hungarian installer translation file.

  • Committed [3b5ff7]

    Various improvements to ShellIntegration code.

  • Committed [9e51a4]

    Correctly restore the default TEMP folder, if c...

  • Committed [78fa3c]

    Various improvements to the Regsitry class.

  • Committed [027f4d]

    ShellExtension: Use MUtilities library for the ...

  • Committed [c7b90b]

    Updated MediaInfo binaries to v0.7.73 (2015-04-...

  • Committed [194e64]

    Updated ALAC decoder binary to refalac v1.47, b...

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2006-08-03 19:24:08


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