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  • Committed [r53]

    Ignore files which "gmake release" creates

  • Committed [r52]

    Increment to a development version number and c...

  • Committed [r51]

    Tag version 0.8.2

  • Committed [r50]

    Increment the version to 0.8.2 to release a com...

  • Modified ticket #7 on dictextension

    Looking up defination results in "couldn't get socket service class" error

  • Posted a comment on ticket #7 on dictextension

    Apparently, in Firefox 39 or Firefox 40, this no longer works: var sockServiceClass...

  • Committed [r49]

    Fix bug #7 by getting the socket transport clas...

  • Committed [r48]

    Update the homepage to refer to SourceForge, in...

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