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  • Modified ticket #454 on FMSLogo

    Help entry for PList, example bug.

  • Posted a comment on ticket #454 on FMSLogo

    Thanks for taking the time to report this. It looks like I introduced this way back...

  • Created ticket #453 on FMSLogo

    Incorrect handling of tilde in comment with line-continuation tilde at end of line

  • Modified ticket #443 on FMSLogo

    A tilde (~) after a comment does not continuing the line

  • Posted a comment on ticket #443 on FMSLogo

    Maybe I misunderstood this: Logo ignores characters from the semicolon to the end...

  • Modified ticket #102 on FMSLogo

    Multithreading for music playback

  • Posted a comment on ticket #102 on FMSLogo

    Based on the response, it sounds like the existing functionality is sufficient, so...

  • Modified ticket #100 on FMSLogo

    A way to rotate an image

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