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  • Modified ticket #89 on FMSLogo

    fmslogo.exe -F to fill entire screen

  • Posted a comment on ticket #89 on FMSLogo

    I have implemented this in the wxWidgets version 6.35.0. I expect to release this...

  • Created ticket #470 on FMSLogo

    FULLSCREEN/TEXTSCREEN can shrink maximized window in -F mode

  • Committed [r64]

    Increment the version to a "prerelease" status ...

  • Created ticket #9 on dictextension

    Cannot look up selected words in Bing search field

  • Committed [r63]

    Tag version 0.8.4 for a formal release.

  • Committed [r62]

    Fix a warning found by durin...

  • Committed [r61]

    Tag the 0.8.3 release.

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