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YMono - Youtube Uploader You will find all released YMono builds here. The download will include the compiled JAR files. The file names include version and build information: e.g.: ymono_3.0a_s1_020112.zip 3.0a - that's the version: "3.0 alpha" s1 - the "s" indicates that it is a "snapshot" release and the 1 that it is the first one for this day 020112 - indicates the build date DD-MM-YY here: 2nd January 2012 Changelog 5.0a ========================== * implemented upload queue (it's still not finished; will do this next week) Changelog 4.0a ========================== * more simple UI - just klick Request Upload, select your video and then klick Do Upload Changelog 3.0a ========================== * added template save function * added support for UTF-16 (unicode) encoded template files * again some UI language tweaks Changelog 2.0a ========================== * fixed some UI issues (invisible "Load Template" menu entry and disabled buttons) * changed default video MIME type to application/octet-stream If you have problems... ========================== ... lauching the application. Do you have the java runtime installed? Are .jar files registered with java? (only if you are just double clicking the YMono.jar) Is the java executable in your PATH enviornment variable? Please report problems here: https://sourceforge.net/p/ymono/tickets/
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