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yanftl, yet another nand flash translation layer. I write this code couple years ago, now I cut it out for an independent project, hopping it will help people to understand what a FTL is and how to design it. This project is not test enough, if you want to use it in you onw project, I am glad to help, please feel free to contact LaiZhefeng@gmail.com. main.c: file system called api and test code. scache.c: software cache. hcache.c: hardware cache, nandflash block is handle as data-block and cache-block. lpmap.c: logical-physical mapping. ecount.c: erase-counter table, this is for static wear-leveling. nio.c: middle driver layer. drv.c: driver layer(only win32 simulation is provided). More informatin see partition.txt. yanftl.vcproj is the project file build with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. It will create a 1G bytes file to simulate the nand flash.
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