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1.0.0 2014-07-26 11 weekly downloads
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This file describes important notes about downloading xllmnrd.

The official source packages can be downloaded here. They shall have SHA1SUM files with detached signatures by the author’s OpenPGP key (ID: BAC6A477, fingerprint: DFC5 5565 C91E 42D0 4CA4 05B3 E311 534C BAC6 A477).

Binary packages

A set of example RPM packages for the ia32 (i486) and x86-64 architectures is available from the author’s Sellfy account.

Arch Linux is known to have native AUR packages of xllmnrd. No other binary packages are not known at this time.


Occasional snapshots will be available from the Downloads page of the Bitbucket repository.

Source: README-download.md, updated 2014-02-13