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xine-lib (1.2.5) 2014-04-08 * Update german translation. * Add bass downmix support to AC3 decoder. * Add experimental YCgCo colorspace support. * Add avformat demux plugin. - Support for new formats and protocols. - Proper rtsp support (with avformat+rtsp://, rtsp+tcp:// and rtsp+http:// mrls). - by default native xine demux plugins are probed first. This can be overridden in config, by selecting demuxer in mrl (#demux:avformat), or by using "avformat+" mrl prefix. * Add avio (libavformat) input plugin: - Support for new protocols (https://, ftp://, sftp://, ...). - Support for seekable http streams (with "avio+http://" mrl). - By default native xine input plugins are used. This can be overridden in config or by using "avio+" mrl prefix. * Recognise & use HEVC/H.265. (ffmpeg) * Add support for HEVC/H.265 to the mpeg-ts demuxer. * Add support for HEVC/H.265 and VP9 to the matroska demuxer. * Add VP8/VP9 decoder using libvpx. * Modernise Quicktime demuxer: - Multiple user selectable audio traks. - Support AC3, EAC3, vorbis, Purevoice audio. - Support ISO fragment media files. - More safety on broken files. - Slightly faster. * Recognise & use ADPCM G.726 and ATRAC3. (ffmpeg/libva) * Build fixes. * Fix HDMV subtitle channel. * FFmpeg compatibility fixes. * Some colour format conversion fixes. * Fix RealVideo re-ordered PTS: pass through, let the decoder re-order it. * Fix some problems with COOK audio. MD5: b90a00ad16ef51cdd89ac0688297b5a0 *xine-lib-1.2.5.tar.xz SHA1: c7ef38fa8ee301e44ba28d6549220546d02d053d *xine-lib-1.2.5.tar.xz SHA256: c8ea4090d1fa83f8b6887118730547aa918862d60f43ea670089f9053e54ab7c *xine-lib-1.2.5.tar.xz
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