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Sun Feb 12 13:40:38 EST 2012 X Phonebook is not shown by default after an auto-install. See below. xdm-options.0.2.1.d.dd.sh What is it? See below. In 0.2.1.d * major improvements for installers using insserv(1) * minor changes for starts XLogins despite "boot order racing" better avoids softlinks "controlling xterm" flip flops close pids 2x (for apps that report closing but do not) * added 'metacity' to window-managers list * a first potable xdm-options.deb also --------------------------- xdm-options.0.2.1.c.dd.sh What is it? Easy Web Installer... Opens XTerm, unpacks tarball, and waits ready to start install. (your web browser should know application/sh if not select so you get "open with: sh" in your browser is all) --------------------------- Features in 0.2.1.d not in 0.2.1.c * insserv install works, was not well tested before didn't mean to say it was Features in 0.2.1.c not in 0.2.1 * auto-install is now in main menu * new preferred runlevels question * knows where debian squeeze puts new Xorg * insserv xdm.sh.insserv installed if insserv present * minor improvements to start / stop success --------------------------- X Phonebook most people won't use hardly (see README about xhost) and just ammount to a login nuisance for them. But maybe some want to try it! There are many things to try but this one I should mention upfront. To see X Phonebook by default you want the xarg option changed from 2 to 1: Login in as usual on Destktop Chooser Desktop click "System -> Configure XDM" from Install.sh's "CONFIGURATION PANEL" (main menu) press 2 and continue (goes to "check menu") press e, yes, then 7 and continue (goes to ask_xarg function) press 1 and continue, quit to main menu use X to restart (may need ot wait a min. for auto reset detect) Or by hand edit file /etc/X11/xdm-options/xserverrc so it has this one line: exec /usr/X11R6/bin/X -indirect localhost Afterward editing file reset easily by invoking '/bin/xdm clean'. --------------------------- older changes log In 0.2.1.c A few small but important corrections to 2011-06-13 (0.2.1.b), effecting: installation, xdm startup. fixed in Install.sh: * auto-install choice from menu (y/n were reversed) * inittab question (y/n were reversed in new question) fixed in /bin/xdm: (same as xdm.sh for non-innserv) * script error, found "esac ; fi" on wrong line, vi(1) slip-up 0.2.1 did not have the above problems. 0.2.1.c should be the more stable of the two now. 0.2.1.b had additions not "round trip" tested (un-synced upload again) Please use sf forums if you see anything. it's hard to get feedback. 0.2.1.b corrected 2011-06-06 upload mistake (un-synced, had a few 0.2.1 files) 0.2.1.a minor install improvements do not bother if your already installed
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