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--------------------------------------------------- wxPerl Files --------------------------------------------------- Releases of the wxPerl modules are made directly to CPAN. All releases are tagged in SVN. To browse the released code with the sourceforge browser go to the tag for the CPAN release you are interested in. The CPAN modules with source code in the project repository are: Wx Alien::wxWidgets Wx::Demo Wx::GLCanvas Wx::ActiveX Wx::Perl::FSHandler::LWP You can find the latest release by using an URL of the form for example Just replace any '::' delimiters in the module name with dashes. --------------------------------------------------- Archive Files --------------------------------------------------- The Archive Files folder contains all the previous downloaded content from this sourceforge site. All of the archive downloads are now out of date having been replaced with alternative methods of distribution. The latest releases are published to CPAN. The old examples and samples download has been replaced with the Wx::Demo CPAN distribution. Binary builds for ActivePerl are now available at
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