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Virtual Smart Card

Virtual Smart Card emulates a smart card and makes it accessible through PC/SC. Currently the Virtual Smart Card supports the following types of smart cards:

  • Generic ISO-7816 smart card including secure messaging
  • German electronic identity card (nPA) with EAC including PACE
  • German electronic passport (ePass) with basic access control
  • Cryptoflex smart card (incomplete)

The vpcd is a smart card driver for PCSC-Lite. It allows smart card applications to access the virtual smart card through the PC/SC API. By default vpicc communicates with vpcd through a socket on localhost port 35963. But the virtual smart card does not need to run on the same machine as the vpcd, they can connect over the internet for example.

Although the Virtual Smart Card is a software emulator, you can use pcsc-relay to make it accessible to an external contact-less smart card reader.

Source: README.rst, updated 2012-04-11