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VeraCrypt Release Notes : Linux released are PGP signed with PGP key ID=0x54DDD393 (available on key servers). PGP key available at http://www.idrix.fr/VeraCrypt/VeraCrypt_PGP_public_key.asc PGP key fingerprint is 993B7D7E8E413809828F0F29EB559C7C54DDD393 Changes between 1.0f-1 and 1.0f-2 (5 April 2015) : - All OSs: * Mounting speed improvement, up to 20% quicker on 64-bit (contributed by Nils Maier) * Add option to set default hash/TrueCryptMode used for mounting volumes. * Use TrueCryptMode/Hash specified in command line in password dialog. - Windows: * Solve CryptAcquireContext vulnerability reported by Open Crypto Audit Phase II. * Proper handling of random generator failures. Inform user in such cases. * TrueCrypt Mode related changes: - Support mounting TrueCrypt system partition (no conversion yet) - Support TrueCrypt volumes as System Favorites. - Correct displaying wrong TrueCrypt mode in volume properties when SHA-256 is used. * Solve PIN BLOCKED issue with smart cards in a special case. * Correctly handle file access errors when mounting containers. * Solve several issues reported by the Static Code Analysis too Coverity. * Bootloader: Add "Verifying Password..." message. * When UAC prompt fails (for example timeout), offer the user to retry the operation. * Uninstall link now open the standard "Add/Remove Programs" window. * On uninstall, remove all VeraCrypt references from registry and disk. * Included VeraCryptExpander in the Setup. * Add option to temporary cache password when mounting multiple favorites. * Minor fixes and enhancements (see git history for more information) - MacOSX: * Solve issue volumes not auto-dismounting when quitting VeraCrypt. * Solve issue VeraCrypt window not reopening by clicking dock icon - Linux/MacOSX: * Solve preferences dialog not closing when clicking on the 'X' icon. * Solve read-only issue when mounting non-FAT volumes in some cases. * Support opening/exploring mounted volumes on desktops other than Gnome/KDE. * Solve various installer issues when running on less common configurations * Minor fixes (see git history for more information) Changes between 1.0f and 1.0f-1 (4 January 2015) : - All OSs: * Add support for old TrueCrypt 6.0. * Change naming of cascades algorithms in GUI for a better description. - Linux/MacOSX: * Make cancel button of the preference dialog working. * Solve impossibility to enter a one digit size for the volume. * Add wait dialog to the benchmark calculation. - Windows: * For Windows XP, correct the installer graphical artefacts. * Add TrueCrypt mode to the mounted volume information. Changes between 1.0e and 1.0f (30 December 2014) : - All OSs: *Add support for mounting TrueCrypt volumes. * Add support for converting TrueCrypt containers and non-system partitions. * Add support for SHA-256 for volume encryption. * Make SHA-512 the default key derivation algorithm and change the order of preference of derivation algorithms : SHA-512 -> Whirlpool -> SHA-256 -> RIPEMD160 * Deprecate RIPEMD160 for non-system encryption. * Speedup mount operation by enabling choice of correct hash algorithm. * Display a wait dialog during lengthy operations to avoid freezing the GUI. * Implement creation of multiple keyfiles at once, with predefined or random size. * Always display random gathering dialog before performing sensitive operations. * Links in the application now points to the online resources on Codeplex * First version of proper VeraCrypt User Guide - MacOSX: * Implement support for hard drives with a large sector size (> 512). * Link against new wxWidgets version 3.0.2 * Solve truncated text in some Wizard windows. - Linux: * Add support of NTFS formatting of volumes. * Correct issue on opening of the user guide PDF * Better support for hard drives with a large sector size (> 512). * Link against new wxWidgets version 3.0.2 - Windows: * Security: fix vulnerability in bootloader detected by Open Crypto Audit and make it more robust. * Add support for SHA-256 in system boot encryption. * Various optimizations in bootloader. * Complete fix of ShellExecute security issue. * Kernel driver: check that the password length received from bootloader is less or equal to 64. * Correct a random crash when clicking the link for more information on keyfiles * Implement option to auto-dismount when user session is locked * Add self-test vectors for SHA-256 * Modern look-and-feel by enabling visual styles. * few minor fixed. Changes between 1.0d and 1.0e (04 September 2014) : - Correct most of the security vulnerabilities reported by the Open Crypto Audit Project. - Correct security issues detected by Static Code Analysis, mainly under Windows. - Correct issue of unresponsiveness when changing password/key file of a volume. Reduce overall time taken for creating encrypted volume/partition. - Minor fixes (look at git history for more details). Changes between 1.0c and 1.0d (03 June 2014) : - Correct issue while creating hidden operating system. - Minor fixes (look at git history for more details). Changes between 1.0b and 1.0c (11 November 2013) : - Set correctly the minimum required version in volumes header. - This also solves also the hidden volume issue Changes between 1.0a and 1.0b (25 June 2013) : - Enhance RIPEMD160 implementation in BootLoaded by using the compiler uint32 type - Don't position legacy flag in volume header for newer VeraCrypt releases
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