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VeraCrypt 1.0f-BETA3 2014-12-22 180180 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt Nightly Builds 2014-12-21 1717 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt 1.0e 2014-11-16 954954 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt 1.0d 2014-08-21 1111 weekly downloads
Contributions 2014-08-11 11 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt 1.0c 2013-11-07 33 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt 1.0b 2013-06-25 44 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt 1.0a 2013-06-22 22 weekly downloads
README.txt 2014-09-04 1.2 kB 33 weekly downloads
VeraCrypt Release Notes : Linux released are PGP signed with PGP key ID=0x54DDD393 (available on key servers). PGP key available at http://www.idrix.fr/VeraCrypt/VeraCrypt_PGP_public_key.asc PGP key fingerprint is 993B7D7E8E413809828F0F29EB559C7C54DDD393 Changes between 1.0d and 1.0e (04 September 2014) : - Correct most of the security vulnerabilities reported by the Open Crypto Audit Project. - Correct security issues detected by Static Code Analysis, mainly under Windows. - Correct issue of unresponsiveness when changing password/key file of a volume. Reduce overall time taken for creating encrypted volume/partition. - Minor fixes (look at git history for more details). Changes between 1.0c and 1.0d (03 June 2014) : - Correct issue while creating hidden operating system. - Minor fixes (look at git history for more details). Changes between 1.0b and 1.0c (11 November 2013) : - Set correctly the minimum required version in volumes header. - This also solves also the hidden volume issue Changes between 1.0a and 1.0b (25 June 2013) : - Enhance RIPEMD160 implementation in BootLoaded by using the compiler uint32 type - Don't position legacy flag in volume header for newer VeraCrypt releases
Source: README.txt, updated 2014-09-04