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Unicon 12.1.1 : What is new (04/13/2013) Version 12.1.1 was focused on bug fixes and polishing many existing features and thus brings a very stable release. In additions to that a few features were added which include: * channel() is extened to allow named (string names) conections, and also allow no explicit destination. ex: chAtoB := channel("AtoB") * Support for setting thread's inbox/outbox limit with a new fucntion Attrib(): ex: Attrib(thrd, INBOX_LIMIT, 100) * New command line argument : -features ex: unicon -features * New three additions to &features (applicable to -features above) Arch, Revision, and CCompiler. (toward the end of the sample output below). Sample output for -features: c:\unicon>unicon -features MS Windows NT POSIX DBM ASCII co-expressions concurrent threads dynamic loading environment variables event monitoring external functions keyboard functions large integers multiple programs pseudo terminals system function messaging graphics 3D graphics MS Windows Win32 SQL via ODBC CCompiler gcc 4.6.1 Revision 3420 Arch x86_64 Binaries at C:\UNICON\BIN\ ********************************************************* Unicon 12.1.0 : What is new (08/26/2012) Several bug fixes! here are some obvious ones: * Error messages fixes in the compiler * Multi-selection fix in some GUI components * Cursor fix, problem with lines that have the tab character * Toolbar findnext crash fix in ui IDE * Better handling for input/output redirection in wiconx * Append of .icn to file names on "save as" * IDE crash fix when trying to compile a file that doesn't exist * New features: * Thread-safe data structures * New communication operators @>, @>>, <@, and <<@. - Used for thread communications but also support TCP sockets communication. * New thread reserved word similar to create : thread expr , to launch new threads - the function thread() is renamed to spawn() * min()/max() now accept a list as an argument: min(L) returns the smallest "item" in the list. * 64-bit builds have a better representation for real numbers. The new representation takes 50% less memory and provides about 20% performance boost in double intensive applications. * Better "randomization" of the random numbers seed by default **************************************************************** Unicon: What is New? (02/02/2012) Here is a summary of what the newest release 12.0.2 provides: **iconx: * Added support for &pi, &phi, &e in converting strings to integers * !x now works with x of type integer. It is equivalent to (1 to x) * Release threads when they are done freeing system resources. Applies to co-expressions, partially solved and more work is needed. * Better memory management:- program's initial memory (Main thread): 1% RAM Co-Expression: 1% of Main Thread: 10% of Main. Note: The program's initial memory size can be set using the environment variables BLKSIZE and STRSIZE. Both can be set to an integer (memory size in bytes) * (bug fix) A very old memory leak problem in the code that creates co-expressions/threads * Windows (bug fix): undesirable change of windows focus when hovering off the window in front to the one in the back, sometimes sending a dialog to the back. **icont: *segfault bug fix when there is a syntax error. **gui: *improve string search capability for editable text lists
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