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Tribix - Extended Emitters for BIRT Version 2.5.2 Release Notes New Features: ============= o Better custom color support for Excel output. Bugs Fixed: =========== o Support orientation setting for Excel output. o Fix the error for export_page_body_only option for RTF output. o Respect close_stream option in render option now. Other Changes: ============== o Fix compatibility issue with BIRT 3.7. o Updated POI dependency to 3.7. Compatibility: ============== This version is only compatible with BIRT 2.5 series, NOT compatible with any earlier version. Later BIRT version may work, but not guaranteed. For user who works with earlier version of BIRT before 2.5, please use the earlier version of Tribix. Installation: =========== You can simply use the update site if you just want to use it in Eclipse IDE: http://tribix.sourceforge.net/update If you want to use it with BIRT runtime, you can download the plugin jar files and put it into the runtime plugins folder. Note for XLS and PPT plugins, you need extract them as folders. Third party libraries are included this time, no further downloading required anymore. More Info: ========== Please visit https://sourceforge.net/projects/tribix for more detail.
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