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Release notes, version 1.0 STABLE No reported bugs to fix over a two year period, so this version is no longer in BETA! The only fixes were cosmetic UI fixes to give space for "Set Song Key" and "Set Transpose Key" drop down boxes, and minor changes in documentation to brint this up to a STABLE release. Release notes, version 0.56 (bug fixes). Our friend Anthony discovered that if the word "ending" was on a line by itself, Transposer would transpose the word. We decided to fix this problem by adding a tool that the user can create a custom list of words to not transpose. In this version we added a new About form, and finally we made sure all the menu items actually do something. When we were writing this software we got so used to using the basic controls that are presented on the window, that we never bothered to use the menus and had forgotten to connect them to their functionality. OOOPS! Release notes, version 0.55 (notes written on: 6-Jan-2011) HISTORY of the project --> recent, that is. As you probably noticed already, this version is BETA. You might have been confused that Version 0.5 was ALPHA, and PRE-ALPHA, whereas Version 0.4 was BETA. Version 0.4 was the first working GUI version of the program, before that time it was simply a command line tool. Then when my son and I decided it would be fun to develop together, we started over again from scratch. Up until we began collaborating, I had been developing in C++, and then I used QT to do the gui programming. Version 0.5 was the beginning of the collaborative effort, and we switched programming languages to Pascal using Lazarus IDE, because my son wanted to learn Pascal. (We love working in Lazarus.) So version 0.5 was just the basic GUI framework, with no guts, that is why we called it PRE-ALPHA / ALPHA, it didn't do much more than provide a proof of concept on a very different GUI arrangement than the previous version. And that is the beginning of a complete rewrite of the software. Version 0.55 works, it has a GUI, and that is about it. This is a two-pane GUI. The left hand pane is a text editing window which presents the song to transpose,while the right hand pane is where the transposed song appears after transposing the original song from one key to another. After having got it working, we realized that we had forgotten to put any functionality into most of the drop-down menu items. That is perhaps because the program (we feel) is so intuitive that there isn't any need to use the menus. So, obviously the next release is going to clean that up. I think our releases from now on will be X.YZ, where X represents a major milestone, Y represents a significant step (maybe not quite as earth shattering as an increment on the X number). Finally Z, if it is an even number, will indicate that the release is a maintenance release, whereas if it is odd, then the release is a feature release. This is going to need some clarification, but that is a kind of roadmap for now. Please enjoy, let us know about bugs, and feature requests. You may not easily be able to do that just yet. I'm not quite sure how to set that up on SF yet. But until I do, you can always use write up your thoughts in "Recommendations". Cheers! Transposer team, abudeveloper & iamslinger
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