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Changes since the last version: -Added a sentence collocation to improve the flow of the sentences. -Repaired the Synaesthesia editor (more colours now) -Fixed bugs -Changed button graphics -Added new features to be completed/enabled for a next version ------------------------------------------------------- TODO (for a next version): -Write/Update a ReadMe.pdf -Fix the -Xlint compiling -Enable the extra options -Add the right-mouse click to paste option -Start on a documentation ------------------------------------------------------- How to run this program? 1. Make sure JAVA development is installed and running/compiling properly. 2. Download the WORDS.zip file 3. Download the latest release. 4. Uncompress the latest release into a desired directory. 5. Uncompress the WORDS.zip into a Te20/scr/ directory (Uncompressing it may take a very long time!). If you are interested in further development of the application (with Netbeans for example), you should extract it into Te20/ instead. 6. Go to a Te20/scr/ directory with a Terminal/Console/Command-Prompt and do the following: javac Te2.java -Xlint [note: about 3 to 8 warnings should appear and that is OK!] java Te2 The program should open. ------------------------------------------------------- Please note that this is a BETA version. I am doing my best to make it as functional as possible, before fixing the minor bugs. ------------------------------------------------------- Bugs that I know about: -Messy code... -No JAVADOC. Not yet, not enough time. -The program takes up all resources! Please contact Jsoup developers for making a mistake in their code to fix it, otherwise I really can't help at this point. I suggest you get a multiple-core processor. -The program halts on some Windows systems (once everything is done on Ubuntu, I will try the cross-platform testing). -Some features/buttons/fields should be enabled or disabled at some point, but they are not. -If TempParsed directory is deleted while the program is running, the files that are parsed do not appear after parsing (to be fixed soon!). -Sometimes classifier shows -100 when only one sentence is inputted. (?!?) -In keywords, the "-" option does not work sometimes. ------------------------------------------------------- These are some additional features that should exist in a final release: -WORDS.zip should not need to be unzipped, program should automatically locate the files within the WORDS.zip file. This may not be done IF the unzipping takes too much time and CPU power. -The final release should have a code broken down into many meaningfull methods, and each method should be documented + API created. -There should exist an Internet version of the software, to be started in a Browser instead of using the JAVA development.
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