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Welcome to "The Butterfly Effect", Milestone 9. This is a fully playable game of beta quality, well on its way to a shiny 1.0 release. For anyone who has played earlier versions of the game, you'll notice several new levels and several new objects! You can download the game at its website, go to http://the-butterfly-effect.org/ If you downloaded the source archive - please refer to the file INSTALLING to learn how to turn the sources into a working game and RUNNING on how to run the game. If you downloaded the installer, you now have an icon on your desktop: just (double-)click it to enjoy the game. There are 40 levels. All levels are playable, a few levels may need a bit more polish. New features & highlights in Milestone 9: * many new and even more repolished levels, * several interesting new objects: - DetonatorBox and Dynamite - QuarterArc - Spring * many many bugfixes and level cheats were resolved Why did this release take so long? The last three months considerable time has been spent trying to find two GUI bugs that prevent correct operation with modern QT versions. These bugs have not been found - we will only release staticly linked builds. Milestone A will see a bright and shiny new GUI, requiring at least QT 4.7. The Level Creator This is still a new feature of TBE. You can now adapt the existing levels or create your own. Currently the Level Creator is still a bit rough on the edges. If you have never worked with CAD applications, it may not be your cup of tea yet - but please try! We are writing a manual for the Level Creator in our wiki: https://sf.net/apps/trac/tbe/wiki/LevelCreator Alternative solutions If you feel you found a solution to a level that is not right, please file a ticket against it or mail the level mailing list. More info is availble in the Help menus. Running in English, Dutch or Spanish We promise again to make this selectable in the UI for the next milestone (see ticket:83). However, if you need to change language, start TBE from the command line and type: LANG="nl" ./tbe Of course, for English you use "en" and for spanish "es". Known bugs and issues: * Some images may have a 'garbage line ' on one or more borders during play. This is harmless but may be confusing. ticket:89 * The installers do not install into the "start menu", ticket:97 * The Level Creator isn't finished, nor really polished yet. The manual of the Level Creator discusses the limitations, tickets 132, 147, 149, 151, 171, 177, 178 and others. We thank our beta players for their comments on the playability of the levels. Especially: * All attendees at T-Dose 2010, * Naxxatoe, * "ankouglio", "doe544", "e6222f5c" and "jillest" * Margo, Bart, Jelle, Aschwin and Quinten. We would love to hear your thoughts and comments about the game! Don't be shy - post your thoughts in the TBE Open Discussion forum http://www.the-butterfly-effect.org/ Regards, Peter van Ginneken, Klaas van Gend and everyone who contributed to TBE
Source: README, updated 2011-08-12