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Noteworthy changes in release 4.6 ================================= * Changes in behavior * Print diagnostic information about changes in personality mode to standard error instead of standard output. * Improvements * Implemented a new method of following clone, fork, and vfork syscalls using the Linux kernel's explicit facilities for tracing creation of threads and child processes. * Implemented CLONE_PARENT and CLONE_UNTRACED flags handling. * Implemented decoding of TLS syscalls on m68k. * Implemented biarch support on powerpc64. * Implemented biarch support for getrlimit() and setrlimit(). * Implemented decoding of struct ucred in getsockopt SO_PEERCRED. * Implemented SOL_SCTP socket options decoding. * Added HDIO_* ioctl names. (Addresses Debian bug #450953). * Added LOOP_* ioctl names. * Updated lists of CLOCK_*, CLONE_*, MS_*, and SOL_* constants to match Linux 2.6.37. * Updated the list of IPPROTO_* constants to match netinet/in.h. * Implemented decoding of HDIO_* and BLK* ioctls. * Added MicroBlaze architecture support. * Added new syscall entries to match Linux 2.6.37. * Regenerated list of ioctl names from Linux 2.6.37. * Enhanced signal notification decoding. * Documented -C and -D options. * Bug fixes * Fixed fetching syscall arguments on m68k. * Fixed an error when judging whether a process has children. * Fixed get/set_robust_list syscall numbers for powerpc. * Fixed a corner case in printing clone flags. * Fixed cross-compiling issues. * Fixed build issues on powerpc64, SH and SPARC. * Fixed syscall flags of fstatat*, mmap, mmap2, fadvise64*, swapoff, fgetxattr, flistxattr, fremovexattr, epoll_create, fallocate, fanotify_init, and fanotify_mark syscalls. * Fixed decoding of get[ug]id, gete[ug]id and setfs[ug]id return values. * Fixed biarch support in IO dumping. * Fixed raw exit_group decoding. * Fixed decoding of file descriptors on 64-bit architectures. * Fixed a corner case in waitpid handling. (Addresses Red Hat bug #663547). * Fixed stat64 decoding on mips (Addresses Debian bug #599028). * Fixed misleading italics in the manual page. (Addresses Debian bug #589323).
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