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/************************************** * Release Notes: SquirrelMail 1.4.22 * * The "Buried At Sea" Release * * 12 Jul 2011 * **************************************/ In this edition of SquirrelMail Release Notes: * All about this Release! * Security issues * Locales / Translations / Charsets * Reporting your favorite SquirrelMail bug * Supporting SquirrelMail All about this release ====================== This release contains a large number of performance enhancements, stability fixes and a few bug/security fixes. The most important thing to note when upgrading to version 1.4.22 is that due to a fix made that standardizes the folder list display, administrators who had their configuration file set to work around this issue in the past will need to update their configuration. This will commonly affect those using Courier IMAP, but could affect others as well. If you have $default_sub_of_inbox set to FALSE in your main configuration (or, using the configuration tool, see "3. Folder Defaults" ===> "12. Default Sub. of INBOX"), and you find after upgrade that your special folders (e.g., Trash, Drafts, Sent) are no longer listed at the top of your folder list, please change that value to TRUE. Also, if you find that this upgrade prevents users from logging in with an error such as "ERROR: Could not complete request. Query: CREATE "Trash" Reason Given: Invalid mailbox name.", you will need to correct the user preference values for the problem folders. You can do so with commands such as the following for file-based preferences (adjust the data directory location as needed): find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/trash_folder=Trash/trash_folder=INBOX.Trash/g' {} \; find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/draft_folder=Drafts/draft_folder=INBOX.Drafts/g' {} \; find /var/lib/squirrelmail/data/ -name *.pref -exec sed --in-place 's/sent_folder=Sent/sent_folder=INBOX.Sent/g' {} \; Or, for database-based preferences: UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Trash' WHERE prefkey = 'trash_folder' AND prefval = 'Trash'; UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Drafts' WHERE prefkey = 'draft_folder' AND prefval = 'Drafts'; UPDATE userprefs SET prefval = 'INBOX.Sent' WHERE prefkey = 'sent_folder' AND prefval = 'Sent'; MAKE SURE to back up your user preferences before doing any of the above! For a complete list of changes, please see the file "ChangeLog" in the doc/ directory. Security issues =============== This release also addresses several security issues, including some harsh but hard to exploit XSS bugs, a general clickjacking vulnerability, and a small problem with message sanitizing. If only for the clickjacking protection, we recommend that users of previous versions of SquirrelMail upgrade at their earliest convenience. For a more detailed discussion of the security fixes in this version, please see the listings for CVE-2010-4554, CVE-2010-4555, and CVE-2011-2023 at http://squirrelmail.org/security/ Locales / Translations / Charsets ================================= Translations are not a part of the main SquirrelMail package. They are downloaded separately; you can obtain all languages in one package or get an individual language. You can find these packages on our web site. They also contain installation instructions. Reporting your favorite SquirrelMail bug ======================================== We constantly aim to make SquirrelMail even better. So we need you to submit any bug you come across! However, before you do so, please have a look at our various support resources to make sure the issue isn't already known or solved: http://squirrelmail.org/docs/admin/admin-10.html http://squirrelmail.org/docs/admin/admin-12.html http://squirrelmail.org/wiki/KnownBugs http://squirrelmail.org/wiki/SolvingProblems You should also search existing tracker items for your issue (remember to check for CLOSED and PENDING items as well as OPEN ones) - if you find such an (open) item, please do add any more details you have to it to help us fix and close the bug report. When reporting a new bug, please mention what SquirrelMail release(s) it pertains to, and list as many details about your system as possible, including your IMAP server and web server details. http://squirrelmail.org/bugs Thanks for your cooperation! This helps us to make sure nothing slips through the cracks. Any questions about installing or using SquirrelMail can be directed to our user support list: squirrelmail-users@lists.sourceforge.net When posting support requests there, please carefully follow our posting guidelines: http://squirrelmail.org/postingguidelines If you want to join us in coding SquirrelMail, or have other things to share with the developers, join the development mailinglist: squirrelmail-devel@lists.sourceforge.net Supporting SquirrelMail ======================= All users of SquirrelMail: the SquirrelMail team can use your help! SquirrelMail is currently celebrating 12 years of providing free, Open Source Software to the world. We have a lot to be grateful for and many people to thank for how successful we've been! But running a high-profile project with all-volunteer labor means that the mundane chores gradually consume all our effort and sideline our visionary initiatives for our next big release. We feel that the time is right, after so many years of free service, to ask our community to contribute to the project and support us in keeping up with ongoing maintenance and development, and in speeding up the release of our new, fully-skinable "Web 2.0" version. Please visit our donations and bounties page here: http://squirrelmail.org/donations.php Or send us your old hardware! Some SquirrelMail development takes place on hardware that's probably older than the computer you just retired. :-) Get in touch if you can help. Happy SquirrelMailing! - The SquirrelMail Project Team
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