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I'm pleased to announce version 1.2.0, the first stable release of branch 1.2 of SQLObject.

What is SQLObject

SQLObject is an object-relational mapper. Your database tables are described as classes, and rows are instances of those classes. SQLObject is meant to be easy to use and quick to get started with.

SQLObject supports a number of backends: MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, Firebird, Sybase, MSSQL and MaxDB (also known as SAPDB).

What's New

Features & Interface

  • Strings are treated specially in Select to allow Select(['id, 'name'], where='value = 42'). Update allows a string in WHERE.
  • ForeignKey('Table', refColumn='refcol_id') to allow ForeignKey to point to a non-id column; the referred column must be a unique integer column.
  • delColumn now accepts a ForeignKey's name without 'ID'.
  • Support for PostgreSQL 7.* is dropped. The minimal supported version of PostgreSQL is 8.1 now.
  • Quoting rules changed for PostgreSQL: SQLObject uses E'' escape string if the string contains characters escaped with backslash.
  • A bug caused by psycopg2 recently added a new boolean not callable autocommit attribute was fixed.
  • sqlobject.__doc__ and main.__doc__ no longer contain version number. Use sqlobject.version or version_info.

For a more complete list, please see the news: http://sqlobject.org/News.html

Source: README.rst, updated 2011-11-20