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This is a base.vdi image to place into [installdir]/Drives directory on a speedLinux installation, in combination with coLinux kernel. It is a Ububtu 12.04 precise alpha 1 version, with minimal additional stuff installed. After exraction, is the size of this image 4GB, with 3.5GB free space. This is in many cases sufficiant for working with compilers. You may expand this size to some more by using the respective option of the speedlinux installer. But keep in mind that increasing the size involves a lot of time for formatting and preparing the bigger Image. With amd 2.4Mhz dual core CPU form 2GB to 4GB needs 7 minutes on my Laptop. Installed is: mc, synaptic and terminal (xfce4-terminal), so it is easy to add more stuff if needed. Samba client is also installed. Login and open a terminal session by typing in 'terminal' at the Console (FLTK). Typing in 'synaptic' will open a window with synaptic as GUI window. If Launcher was enabled via speedlinux installer option, then the 'terminal' icon is functional. For installing SSH do a 'apt-get update && apt-get install ssh' Firefox may be installed by executing /home/freetz/Desktop/install-firefox.sh. This also installes flash player and pulseaudio, to be able to watch videos and here the sound. Use apt-get install [some other programm to install] if you want aditional progams to be installed. Or use sysnaptic for the same propose. Installing progamms need root rights. login as root or use 'sudo'. If the promt within a terminal shows that you are not root, you my type 'su root' to switsh to root. You may enter 'apt-get install kate thunar scite' to install kate, thunar, scite. You may run 'apt-get update && apt-get upgrade' as root, to be up to date. ------------- /home/freetz/Desktop/install.tools.sh prepares for freetz. /home/freetz/Desktop/freetz.sh downloads and starts freetz. /home/freetz/Desktop/speed-to-fritz.sh downloads and starts speed-to-fritz. -------------- Passwords: Root password is 'root' and user name and password is as entered at setting up speedlinux. -------------- Download and extracting: If ther are images not listed by the Installer, download the system images yourself, the installer cant download and exract it for you. You may place this file yourself into the sub-folder Drives on your speedlinux instillation directory, but you must extract the *.7z file first. Command line extractor 7za.exe can be found within speedlinux install directory. Change into this directory and execute with the following command line: '7za.exe x [Zipfilename] -o .\Drives -aot' You my also install http://www.7-zip.org/ first and use the windows program for this.
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