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v0.9.004 [2013-09-01] - fixed loading of old shows that contain no rating information - added second side-by-side display mode ("Side-by-side (3D Display)") While the existing one was meant for a manual side-by-side viewing (using prisma glasses or likewise) the new mode provides a HDMI-like side-by-side skaling and therefore is meant for 3D TVs or projectors that understand that mode. - improved text rendering In-screen text is now rendered upon semi-tranparent rectangle to improve readability. v0.9.003 [2012-09-02] - improved loading of preview images Asynchronous loading of preview images is now synchronized to a single worker thread. Therefore memory footprint while loading a large show is strongly reduced. - added status bar in show management panel that shows the current number of images - added export mode "Kopie in neues Fenster" which creates a new show-frame based on the selected images - without copying any files. Use this function to start a presentation based on a certain rating if you don't want to create a copy. - added rating function: o press number 1-5 in presentation mode to rate an image (1 - bad, 5 - good) o press any other number key to show current rating o export function allows selection of a minimum rating - fixed problem on loading show via drag'n'drop (only java 7?) - fixed java version check - now also starts with jre 1.7 - added export mode "Kopie in neues Verzeichnis" which copies all media files of the current Show to a new directory and creates a new show referencing these files - improved drag'n'drop support o drag multiple Elements in table view simultaneously o drag Elements from one table view to another - fixed background color of scaled images (grey fringes) v0.9.002 [2010-06-07] - fixed incorrect clipping of images with different aspect ratio than current screen - added error message upon startup with JRE other than v1.6 - added memory usage info in status bar - added control to export show to jps or anaglyph-jpg images - added drag'n'drop import support for jps images v0.9.001 [2010-03-21] - fixed performance lag on modifying parallax offset - especially noticable on mpo-files - fixed design flaw concerning parallax offset - offset values are now always normalized and that way independent of screen resolution - added MainFrame icon - added tutorial-document to release-zip v0.9.000 [2010-03-17] - initial sourceforge release
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