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version 1.18.0 "Adium, GSS-NTLMSSP & OpenSSL" (2014-01-11) - Feature #71: Add support for EWS Autodiscover redirection (Stefan Becker) - Feature #69: Add UI support for (group) chats (Michael Lamb) * NOTE: Adium does not have an UI to fetch the room list - Feature #64: Add support for GSS-NTLMSSP (Stefan Becker) * sip-sec-krb5.c module has been renamed to sip-sec-gssapi.c * if gssapi/gssapi_ntlmssp.h is detected then sip-sec-ntlm.c will be disabled and NTLM will be handled by sip-sec-gssapi.c instead * NOTE: at the time of this writing the user has to set up GSS-NTLMSSP by hand on his system, i.e. /etc/gss/mech - Fixed #227: Adium client doesn't save email option settings (Harris P. Kauffman) - Fixed #216: SIPE stops working on Mavericks (Stefan Becker, Michael Lamb) * add an UI option to disable SSL BEAST mitigations * NOTE: requires Adium 1.5.10 - Fixed #197: Account stays in connecting stage (Harris P. Kauffman) - cleanup for sip-sec Kerberos & SSPI modules (Stefan Becker) * replace old TGT hack with gss_acquire_cred_with_password() * clean up Kerberos detection in configure * remove special case handling; code is more straight-forward now * thanks to David Woodhouse and Simo Sorce for the GSSAPI information - implement internal keepalive handling (Stefan Becker) - implement crypto backend based on OpenSSL (Stefan Becker) - adium: Xcode project files update (Michael Lamb) - adium: replace NSS crypto backend with OpenSSL (Stefan Becker) * NOTE: please make sure to read the updated build instructions!
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