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Tue Dec 9 02:27:21 EST 2014 For people who use bash(1) or ash(1) in unix/linux. To extract do this: $ cd / $ tar -xzf srtools.1.1.tar.gz $ man srdist Which puts files in (see listing further below): /etc /usr/local/{man,bin,doc} This suite has: sr tools ; simple remote file distribution tools ; simple remote command, login, vi too rcs tools ; simple submit, copy, move rcs tasks in a breeze ; search for late-checkins (neeeding to check in) ; pretty compare revision histories to find likeness ; srtools knows if files are rcs files, and if using ; rcs-gz, can do all same using file,v.gz too mk_host_based ; for mass renaming / soft linking files or dirs to ; host based files and dirs, for advanced users only ; srtools understands file->file.host and ; dir.host->dir making host based files a breeze union ; complement, intersect simple pipe lists aids Also: use of these to keep hand written files revisioned and distributed is an alternative to long nightly "incremental computer backups" , a time saver , saves time restoring , and a ton of disk space as well. srdist (had) meant simplified rdist(1) SETUP A few plain text files needed which contain preferences (mostly host names): /etc/all-loc ; path where srtools(1) files live /etc/hosts.equiv.srdist ; use for quicker temporary network /etc/hosts.srdist ; EXCEPT this, leave as hosts.srdist /etc/networks.srdist ; use for quicker temporary network /etc/profile.srdist ; optional , for rs(1) lvi(1) to work /etc/rhosts.srdist ; copy to $HOME/.rhosts see rsh(1) Noted above, most are typical /etc/files using file.srdist to avoid clobbering. Only /etc/all-loc and ~/.rhosts are actually "required". For the complete suite to work these popular unix tools , which used to be but today sometimes are not installed, should be installed: bash(1) , rsh(1) , rsync(1) , rcs(1) also: sed, awk, find, and several commonly pre-installed utils If your rcp or rsync doesn't work then read The Network Administrator's Guide (nag) on the internet, see: The Linux Documentation Project's website. For info on using RCS/file,v.gz transparenty with both rcs(1) and srtools, just run "fix_rcs-gz [ start | stop ]" and gzip any you need to. doing so can be a huge saver on what already is a big savings as to keeping revisions (rcs saves by patch(1) based storing and retrieving). see: /usr/local/doc/srtools/README.fix_rcs-gz ERRATA srdist uses "rsync --rsh=RSH ..." , which assumes you have a recent rsync that assumes SSH may be installed (likely this is so). The substitution tells rsync to use rsh not ssh but should be optional. host based. ie, file contains host address, then across mult. hosts file should not be clobbered, thus file->file.host mk_host_base for mass renaming should ONLY be used by advanced users who have thoroughly read the scripts: otherwise rename files or dirs should by done by hand. host-based is optional to use. LIMITATIONS note if one uses complicated options in complicated situations that some srtools are not well tested for such and really meant for simple use with options applied in simple manner. if you do so please make sure it works first. LICENSE The materials made by this author are all rights reserved to author and are not public domain (yet) , so please do not plagiarize or sell the materials. However feel free to use them , also feel free to use ideas found within as is a typic al right of being invited to read them, which you are welcome to. Use is strictly "as-is". contact: johnandsara2@cox.net (less checked) debguy@sourceforge.net (less checked) debguy22124@gmail.com HISTORY srtools (1.4.3) beta; urgency=low * rcs-gz had quoting issue for ash(1), fixed * revised example profile.srdist to be more plain / compat -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Tue, 09 Dec 2014 02:27:37 -0500 srtools (1.4.2) beta; urgency=low * rcs-gz had shell re-expansion issues of cmdline, revised note: good idea not to use wierd filenames using any sh wrapper use "fix_rcs-gz start|stop" to stop before using problemed args * changed dorev default log $MESSAGE to "empty_log_message" -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Thu, 13 Nov 2014 01:09:43 -0500 srtools (1.4.1) beta; urgency=low * rcs-gz didn't re-gzip at finish, fixed -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Tue, 11 Nov 2014 12:11:55 -0500 srtools (1.4) beta; urgency=low * added optional gz support, ie RCS/file,v.gz (same code except checks for gz file name if turned on to do so) -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Wed, 22 Oct 2014 23:32:56 -0400 srtools (1.3) beta; urgency=medium * no changes for srtools * last edit to shorten complement was not complete so reverted, fixed -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Mon, 31 Mar 2014 23:02:46 -0400 srtools (1.2) beta; urgency=medium * no changes for srtools * intersection (not used by srtools) used unkownable behavior, fixed relied on good input (to avoid double processing) which was tech. right at the time, but for distribution was not a good idea -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Mon, 10 Feb 2014 16:05:26 -0500 srtools (1.1) stable; urgency=low * Initial release (of materials made a while ago in use for years) -- John Hendrickson <debguy@sourceforge.net> Mon, 03 Jun 2013 07:17:35 -0400
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