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SharpNEAT 2.2.0 2012-04-02 Colin Green Changes from previous release (2.1.0). ===================================== New Features ------------------ * Walker BOX2D Problem Domain. * Support for multiple auxiliary fitness values per genome (plotted on graphs). * Acyclic networks as HyperNEAT CPPNs. Fixes ----- * FIX: Prey Capture problem domain: Only one of the four ANN output signals was being read. This effectively completely broke the prey capture domain. * IntPoint: Fixed equality and inequality operators and CalculateDistance(). In the released code these defects severely affected the prey capture domain. * FIX: Config loading: Relaxing network delta threshold setting was being parsed as an Int32 instead of a Double. * Fix to RandomClusteringStrategy.cs. Genome.SpecieIdx was not being set upon allocation. Added debug assertion to check specieIdx is correctly set following speciation. * FIX/MOD: Network visualisation: Layout logic failed when there were large numbers of neurons in a layout layer such that the gap between them was less than 0.5 of a pixel, and thus got rounded down to 0, positioning all nodes in that layer at the same coordinates. * FIX/MOD: Ensure ID generators are set accordingly when loading genomes using a pre-existing genome factory.
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