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RSyntaxTextArea 2.0.5 Release Notes ----------------------------------- RSyntaxTextArea is a syntax highlighting text component written in Swing. It supports syntax highlighting for over 30 programming languages, code folding, search & replace, and has add-on libraries for code completion and spell checking. This release brings the following changes: 1. Code folding added for HTML, JSP, and PHP. 2. Added NSIS syntax highlighting and code folding. 3. Added code folding and highlighting of multi-line strings for Scala. 4. Added Java 7 features to Groovy highlighting (underscores in numeric literals, binary literals, and new core classes/interfaces/enums). 5. Allow tool tips to be specified for icons in IconRowHeader. 6. Fixed an issue with CompleteMarkupTagAction and ToggleLineCommentAction conflicting with each other only on *nix (Windows and OS X didn't have this issue). 7. Allow for non-ConfigurableCarets to be set via setCaret(), to allow for Swing's "composed text" changes (hidden in private API). 8. Fixed possible NPE in XmlTreeCellUI for environments where desktop AA hints cannot be determined. 9. Updated translations - Italian (Argaar), German (Domenic), Korean (Changkyoon), Japanese (Josh), and Hungarian (Zityi).
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