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Readme for RecordEditor version 0.95

The RecordEditor is a Data File Editor for

  • Fixed width files (including Cobol Data files, Binary Fixed Width files)
  • CSV Files
  • Viewing / Editing existing Xml files
  • Viewing / editing GetText-Po files and Swing-X Tip of the day properties files


  • RecordEditor_Upgrade_0.95.zip - contains a jars to upgrade previous version of the RecordEditor (>= 0.80.6) to the current version.
  • RecordEdit_Installer_for_HSQL_0.95.exe.zip - Windows specific installer (using HSQL DB)
  • RecordEdit_Installer_for_HSQL_0.95.jar.zip - Cross platform installer (using HSQL DB)
  • RecordEdit_Installer_for_GenericDB_0.95.jar.zip - Cross platform installer for most Databases (using a JDBC Driver). You will be prompted to supply a JDBC jar and Connection details. The zip file contains both a jar installer plus a "WinRunner" for windows. On windows extract both RecordEdit_Installer_for_GenericDB_0.95.jar and RecordEditor_Installer_for_Generic_WinRunner_0.95.exe then run the exe.
  • RecordEdit_Installer_for_MSAccess_0.95.exe.zip - Windows installer using MsAccess backend
  • RecordEditor_Macro_JavaDoc_0.95.7z Very Basic Javadoc's for user who want to write Macro's (Scripts) for the RecordEditor
  • RecordEditor_Readme_0.95.md - This document.

Changes Summary (Since Version 0.88)

  • Support for Foreign Language via GetText-PO files. There are sample (Google Translate) versions for a number of languages.
  • Specialty File Formats - Two new special Record-Layouts have been added:
    • Get-Text PO - special editor for Get-Text-PO language translation files
    • SwingX Tooltip properties - special editor for SwingX Tooltip properties file.
  • Macro (Script) Changes - Documentation, Sample Scripts, Extra Script functionality and a Built-in Script Editor. If you are planning on writing Macro scripts you should also get RecordEditor_Macro_JavaDoc_0.94.4.7z. from the RecordEditor Site.
  • Text Editor View - editing the file with a standard Text Editor.
  • New Csv Parsers - New Csv parsers that ensure a specific number of CSV separators are present.
  • Edit Raw Text Option - wether to allow users to edit raw text (and bypass validation) or not.
  • New Types - New positive types for Cobol Files.
  • Docking / un-docking - How to Dock and undock individual screens.
  • Child Records - Show a record screen on a list screen.
  • Group Filters - Filters can be applied across a logical group of records (i.e. a PO header, Product and related store records).
  • Cobol - Cobol parsing fix's + 2 new dialects (where the decimal point is a ',')

Change History

Release 0.95

This version consists of Script changes and a general cleanup getting ready for the next production version

  • Minor enhancements to script editor. Minor script enhancements.
  • Added Open Basic Csv and New Basic Csv options to File menu. These 2 option will not update Recent files.
  • Several problem fix's related to creating Unicode Csv files.
  • Fixed several Cobol-Editor & Copy-Utility bugs.

Release 0.94.4

This version consists of Script changes and a general cleanup getting ready for the next production version

  • Added basic Script-Editor to the Script-Run dialog
  • Extra Functions / Methods for use in Macro Scripts, More example scripts and Script-Documentation.
  • Problem fix's and general cleanup.
  • New Script HeadefFooterTabs.js that creates seperate header/detail/footer views for Header, Detail, Footer files.
  • Updates to How to documentation.

Release 0.94.2

  • Problem fix when exporting RecordLayouts containing non-ascii characters as Xml.

Release 0.94.1

This version contains a lot of Cobol related changes.

  • Support for Record lengths (> 32K bytes).
  • Add Tree Combo for field types
  • New Types where the Decimal point is ','.
  • New Cobol Dialects which partially support the Cobol DECIMAL-POINT IS COMMA clause.
  • Several Cobol import fix's.
  • Change file structure option
  • Save with different file structure

Release 0.94

  • New Text Editor View
  • New positive types added
  • Cobol Changes

    • VB file detection added
    • Positive fields are restricted to positive numbers
  • Fix's for Sort Tree, Child Screen position (after find) and Fuji Zoned Type

  • Improved file-structure detection

Release 0.92.1

  • Adding 2 extra Csv parser - Basic - Delimiter all fields and Basic - Delimiter all fields + 1
  • Fix for existing Csv Parser "Parser - Matching Quotes" for when no quote is defined.

Release 0.92

  • All screens for a File are now displayed as Tabs rather than as seperate screens. The tabs can be undocked (and redocked) if required.
  • Added Child screen option to List Screens
  • Added Hints dialogue
  • Enhanced HTML Export, option to open exported file with default programs
  • Highlight change fields in compare
  • Minor GUI changes
  • Enhanced Help menu (can open Manual / Forums etc).
  • Fixed Paste Prior issues

Release 0.91

  • Rewritten the Group Filter screen
  • Support for editing GetText-PO files
  • Support for editing SwingX JXTipOfTheDay properties files (loaded using TipLoader)
  • Going forward there is support for more specialist format like GetText-PO files and TipOfTheDay properties files
  • More Foreign-Languages changes.

Release 0.90

  • New tab interface for files. The various views can be "docked" / "undocked" as required
  • List views can now have a child record screen.
  • Group filter option added
  • Start from the begining/end option in the find dialogue.

Release 0.89.1 -> 3

  • Foreign Language support (via GetText PO files).
  • Option to use po files directly or after converted to compiled resource bundles.
  • Sample translation files for Spanish, chinese etc created using Google Translate.
Source: RecordEditor_Readme_0.95.md, updated 2013-08-04