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/* * $Id: README.txt 11 2009-07-15 12:47:31Z xander $ */ -= Note =- These drivers are for RobotC 1.46 and higher and are part of the RC3 version of the 3rd Party RobotC Drivers suite. -= Changes in this version =- * NEW: Added driver for AT24C512 EEPROM chip. * NEW: Added Light Sensor driver with calibration! You can use one of the test programs to calibrate for both white and black. Calibration data is saved to a file which is read when the driver is first used. You can also use the API to write your own calibration program. * I2C bus error handling code added to common.h. When an error occurs, the bus is now flooded with 5 packets. This usually clears it up. The packet is then retransmitted. Note that this is done only once for each packet. * HTPB driver has error checking removed, this is now handled by common.h * The drivers will generate an error when compiled with a RobotC less than 1.46. -= Previous Changes =- * Changed the minimal version of RobotC for the drivers. There were problems with version 1.40 -= TODO =- * Add Mindsensors Line Leader driver, waiting for firmware API to stabelise * Add UART (RCX) functionality to IR Link driver. -= API Documentation =- The complete API documentation can be found in the html folder. Just point your browser at the index.html file. -= Downloads and support =- These drivers can also be downloaded from: The documentation is hosted here: For support questions, please use the RobotC 3rd party sensors forum: RobotC 1.46 can be downloaded from: RobotC 1.47B can be downloaded from: Thanks, Xander Soldaat ( /* * $Id: README.txt 11 2009-07-15 12:47:31Z xander $ */
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