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- Updated to java JRE 1.6 - added plug-in mechanism to plug-in own file viewers for different file types, so the content of the files can be shown in a user defined way - added file viewer for UML diagrams to show a file describing an UML diagram as graphic, with the possibility to add comments to the UML elements. The default UML elements provided with this release contain the elements to show state machine diagrams, but the elements can be extended for use of other UML elements as well. To show a file as state machine diagram a plug-in has to be written, which converts the read file into an UML model. The provided UML example plug-in (UMLExamplePlugin.jar) serves as an example for a plug-in implementation, which reads a own UML file format. To check out the example plug-in start QuickRev with the options --plugin UMLExamplePlugin.jar and load the provided uml example project file (UMLExampleProject.qrx), which contains an UML state machine diagram in the QuickRev-UML format. - added syntax highlighting for PHP files - the complete help is available via the 'Help' menu now - added possibility to pin the comment tool tips to a fixed location - added possibility to hide comments via the new '[Hide]' button in comment tool tips - added context menu to comment tables with the possibility to open a comment in the 'Comments' dialog or hide a comment - made non-text file extensions and stylesheet path configurable via the 'Preferences' dialog - changed note about hidden comments in 'Comments' dialog to link which shows all hidden comments - unified comment colors to the same color in the first review cycle and follow-up review cycles as well - added documentation for debug options to provide logging information useful in case of errors - added possibility to add new reviewers via double click into the 'Reviewers' list - fix: IndexOutOfBoundsException when adding new review files to a former review cycle, which should not be done normally - fix: loading of VCS preferences from config files, i.e. when different values for the same VCS where loaded from multiple configuration files the previously loaded values where replaced by the default values again which was not intended - fix: after removing a file with available history and adding the same file again the history was not available anymore Take a look at: http://quickrev.sourceforge.net/news/ for a complete overview.
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