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About the Win32-GUI Kit ======================= The Win32-GUI in C is a simple software toolkit of GUI components (Win32-GUI-C-Kit) for prototyping embedded systems on Windows in the C programming language, including building realistic embedded front panels consisting of buttons, LEDs, and LCD displays (both segmented and graphic). The Win32-GUI kit implementation is based on the raw Win32 API to provide direct mapping to C for easy integration with embedded code. Win32-GUI-C-Kit Contents ======================== The Win32-GUI Kit contains the source code (see below), the examples and the documentation manual in PDF. The essential Win32-GUI implementation consists of just two files: win32_gui.h containing the interface and win32_gui.c providing the implementation. Currently these files provide the following components: * Graphic display for an efficient, pixel-addressable displays such as graphical LCDs, OLEDs, etc. with up to 24-bit color * Segment display for segmented display such as segment LCDs, and segment LEDs with generic, custom bitmaps for the segments. * Owner-drawn buttons with custom “depressed” and “released” bitmaps and capable of generating separate events when depressed and when released. Additionally, the provided code shows how to handle keyboard input and mouse-wheel input to the embedded application. About the Development Tools =========================== The Win32 components have been prepared and tested with the following free tools: * Microsoft Visual C++ Express 2012 for console and GUI applications (requires “Platform SDK”) NOTE: To enable development in C with the raw Win32 API in Microsoft Visual C++ Express, you need to search the Microsoft website for “Express Edition Platform SDK” and install the SDK on your machine. The search of the Microsoft website will lead you also to the step-by-step installation instructions. * Free ResEdit resource editor (www.resedit.net/) for editing the embedded front panels graphically NOTE: The Visual C++ Express editions do not include the resource editor and even the resource editor included in the Professional Visual C++ editions is inferior to ResEdit. * Additionally, to demonstrate that the same code runs both in the Win32 simulation and in a deeply embedded target, the example code uses the free IAR EWARM KickStart toolset (www.iar.com). Installing this toolset is only required if you want to test the embedded target. You will also need the Texas Instruments EKI-LM3S811 board based on the ARM Cortex-M3 processor. Licensing ========= The Win32-GUI-Kit are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. Contact Information: ==================== Quantum Leaps Websites: http://www.state-machine.com http://www.quantum-leaps.com e-mail: info@quantum-leaps.com toll-free: 1-866-450-LEAP (US Eastern Standard Time)
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