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qmidiarp-0.4.3-fix-transport.patch 2011-12-05 1.1 kB 11 weekly downloads
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qmidiarp-0.4.3 (2011-11-20) New Features o Groove functions now work for all modules, not only Arps o Effect of groove settings is displayed in the Arp/LFO/Seq screen o LFOs can be triggered and restarted by the keyboard o When reducing the size of LFO waves or Sequences, the original data is kept in memory and is also saved to the session file as a whole o LFO and Seq play direction can now be chosen, and bouncing loops are possible o New user positionable loop marker in Seq module. The marker is placed by left or right mouse click on the bottom cursor line of the sequencer and represents an additional return/loop point. It can be removed again by clicking in the bottom left or right area of the Seq screen. o Triggered one-shot play of LFO and Seqs improved o JACK MIDI backend available. This is now default, use the -a option for getting the ALSA backend o JACK Session support when using JACK MIDI backend Fixed Bugs o A rounding error led to desync when Arps were used with groove shift o MIDI controls for Groove did not initialize upon "New..." o MIDI Controllers assigned to multiple destinations stopped at the first one encountered and ignored all others General Changes o JACK MIDI is now the default backend, -a option enables ALSA backend o Obsolete .qma text file import removed
Source: readme, updated 2011-11-20