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Release notes ============= PyX has been ported to Python 3. It now requires Python 3.2 and above. Python 2 users should continue to use the previous PyX releases. Along with the port the text module was modernized and got a new documentation. In addition, the normpath now removes cusps from normcurves by spliting the curves on instability points such that tangents etc. are always well-defined. Various improvements and bug fixes complete this release. List of changes =============== 0.13 (2013/12/20): - Requires at least Python 3.2 - The gallery has been moved to https://sourceforge.net/p/pyx/gallery/, which is a wiki. Contributions are welcome. - filelocator module: - cygwin LaTeX with windows python patch (thanks to Sybren A. Stüvel) - graph styles: - fix numerical instability of line clippings - remove errorbar range checks, as they fail on a reverse axis, which is correct (reported by Néstor Espinoza) - path module: - fix internal name clash when generating a normpath from an empty path (reported by Brendon Higgins) - normpath module: - several stability and precision improvements and bugfixes - cusp removal at normpath construction (and getting rid of invalid results for curvature, rotation, tangent, and trafo methods) - remove curveradius methods as they are invalid for straigt paths - deco module: - apply text trafos to each character in curvedtext (reported by Hans L) - properly apply all textattrs in curvedtext (for example colors or scalings) - canvas module: - layer method takes layer names above or below (instead of an instance), also reorders layer accordingly when layer is already existing - remove the before and after arguments of insert - handle trafo and clip separately in constructor and write methods - allow for one clipping instance only - optimize graphics state stack usage - dvi/dvifile module: - change special handling for transformations and colors to use subcanvases - apply transformations to markers - trafos and styles are no longer canvasitems - style module: - fillrules are now fillstyles and handled within the PS/PDF context - text module: - new texenc setting - major code reorganization and documentation revision (now using autodoc) - font/afmfile module: - parse more AFM files, also some with common inconsistencies (thanks to Markus Schwienbacher for reporting these issues) - color module: - functiongradient has been split into functiongradient_rgb, etc. and the function parameters are now passed directly - lineargradient has been removed for factory functions lineargradient_rgb, etc. that provide linear gradients between colors of a particular color model - bitmap module: - fix jpegimage for progressive jpeg files (thanks to Michael Schindler) - pyxrc: - use APPDATA environment variable to locate the pyxrc on windows - tex, latex, kpsewhich, and locate executables are now customizable in the pyxrc - on the package level: - add pyxinfo to enable output of some useful information - manual: - PyX theme and various sphinx tweaks
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