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Release notes ============= This release adds a density graph style to create density plots. The color scale is shown by a separate key graph. The key graph feature has been integrated in existing styles where appropriate, like the 3d surface style. A rather large set of other additions and bug fixes all over the place completes this release. List of changes =============== 0.12 (2012/10/17): - canvas module: - insert method now returns canvas wrapping item if attrs are given - insert method allows specification of position where item is inserted by before and after arguments - new layer method allows creation of separated drawing layers for grouping of drawing operations - writeXXXfile methods now use "page_" and "write_" prefixes for passing the keyword arguments to the page constructor and write method - pipeGS now returns a file handle instead of writing to a file or to stdout - the new method writeGSfile restores the previous pipeGS functionality - support rendering as png for use in IPython notebooks (as suggested by Nikolas Tezak) - document module: - writeXXXfile methods now support writing to stdout when filename is set to "-" - type 1 font modules: - allow font slanting for T1builtinfont instances - improve stripped font compatibility - remove UniqueID lookup from embedded fonts in PostScript output (fixes missing glyph issue with dvips and certain fonts) - allow Type1 font usage without TeX and without AFM font metric - add support for pfm font matrices - epsfile module: - fix race condition while generating bitmap for PDF inclusion - fix file opening for bbox reading when using filelocator (reported by Michael J Gruber) - filelocator module: - fix text mode line ending issue for MS Windows - text module: - fix subprocess call on MS Windows (closefds not functional not also not required at all) - fix pyxgraphics functionality because at least some versions of graphics and friends seem to expect the file extension .def for the driver files (thanks to Michael J Gruber) - deco module: - decorator to put text along a path; based on a patch by Michael J Gruber - dvifile module: - fix for MS Windows: open virtual font files in binary mode - graph modules: - graphs: - uses new canvas layers to stack graph components (fixing bug #1518414, reported by Dominic Ford) - add a flipped option to graphxy to exchange x and y coordinates - add a 1d graph "graphx" (use case: convert a value to a color) - add hiddenaxes layer to the 3d graph - add linkedaxes for the xy-plane in 3d like in 2d (works now properly due to the hiddenaxes feature) - graph styles: - add density style - add gradient style to convert a value to a color using a 1d graph - add a usenames dictionary to the pos style (like rangepos had it already) - graph data: - add a join data provide which adds concatenates several data sources - axis module: - divisor was not properly taken into account in tick handling (axis range extension and range rating) - added the metapost module: - create smooth paths from a series of points - bitmap module: - new fundamental constructor based on arbitrary affine transformations - add ASCIIHexDecode end marker - color module: - add rgbgradient and cmykgradient to force color space - mesh module: - add ASCIIHexDecode end marker - sourceforge.net: - upgrade PyX project page to the Allura platform
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