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Instead of the default download, you may find better suited downloads for your platform under the folder containing the latest release: http://sourceforge.net/projects/pymca/files/pymca/PyMca4.7.4/ Notes: See the changes section below for new features. Tutorials can be found at: http://pymca.sourceforge.net/documentation.html Ready to use binaries for: - Linux on Intel and AMD processors.It should work on most distributions. File pymca4.7.4-linux.tgz - MacOS X (Mac-Intel 64 and 32 bit). File pymca4.7.4-osx.zip - Windows 32 bit: File pymca4.7.4-win32.exe - Windows 64 bit: File pymca4.7.4-win64.exe The supplied linux version is 32 bit. You may be better served either: - Building from the source code. - Using PyMca as supplied by your linux distribution. PyMca can also be built from the supplied source code: pymca4.7.4-src.tgz The python setup.py approach will work if the dependencies are satisfied. The PythonPackages directory contains precompiled source installers for windows users willing to run PyMca from within their Python installation. These later files require a Python installation with PyQt4, PyQwt5, Numpy and Matplotlib to be operational. The package h5py is needed for HDF5 file format support. To start using the linux binary: tar -xvzf pymca4.7.4-linux.tgz cd PyMca4.7.4 ./pymca or ./PyMcaMain Changes: VERSION 4.7.4 Support readout of top level datasets in HDF5 files. Improved handling of Tracer csv files. Correct problems reading spec 6.02.07+ shared memory. VERSION 4.7.3 Correct bug using SNIP background with the Fast XRF linear fit stack plugin. Better handling of screen resolutions with 768 vertical pixels. VERSION 4.7.2 Allow fitting of all Cr L lines Correct bug saving image alignment data to disk. Correct bug using linear polynomial background with the Fast XRF linear fit stack plugin VERSION 4.7.1 Support SOLEIL multiple-file different-scan-number maps. Support batch fitting of multiple HDF5 files. Fast XRF linear fit stack plugin. Possibility to load image shifts in the image alignment stack plugin. Basic support of MRC file format. Add ID08 advanced alignment scan plugin. VERSION 4.7.0 Add basic support for calculating multiple excitation corrections via the XMI-MSIM Monte Carlo code. Add Image alignment capabilities to the ROI Imaging tool. Improved handling of HDF5 external links. Solve printing issue when printing from the File menu while the SCAN window is active Recover reading support of SPE files from SLAC Correct reading of .chi files maps Extend the maximum number of counters supported in a specfile. Prevent endless loop in specfile when the last character limiting a scan is '#' Correct bug plotting a set of MCAs as one image when the number of MCA detectors is more than one. Background subtraction methods also work on stack browsers. Handling of scales in image plots. Add ID26 RIXS plugin as part of MultiScanToMesh plugins. Add XMCD and XAS plugins from ID08 and ID12. Add plugin to align curves. Stacks of DESY fio files readable by windows binary. Reduce memory usage when working with large in-memory stacks. Decide to load dynamically the data based on the amount of physical memory installed instead of based on a fixed data size.
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