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PyGI 3.14.0 AIO rev22 for python 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 (32bit/64bit) Contents (introspected only): glib 2.42.2 gobject-introspection 1.42 gtk 3.14.15 + gtkparasite (python 2.7) gdk-pixbuf 2.31.6 + webp + rsvg + psd pango 1.36.7 atk 2.14 gdl 3.14 libsoup 2.48.1 gtksourceview 3.14.4 webkitgtk 1.10.2 gegl 0.3 goocanvas 2.0.2 osm-gps-map 1.0.2 libchamplain 0.12.10 gstreamer 1.4.5 + 220 plugins vips 8.0.2 libpeas 1.12.1 libgit2-glib 0.22.6 spice-gtk 0.29 telepathy-glib 0.24.1 clutter 1.22.4 poppler 0.34.0 libgda 5.2.2 Guestfs-gobject 1.22.9 Libvirt-glib 0.2.2 and more than a hundred more libraries Tools (*introspected): *glade 3.18.3 devhelp 3.8.2 *gedit 3.10.4 *gtranslator 2.91.7 zenity 3.8.0 ghex 3.10.1 gda frontends 5.2.2 note: patches moved to github.com/tumagonx/pygi-mingw-patches/ gcc-4.7.4_4.8.3.7z contain compiler used to build this binaries gcc4 is to build 32-bit gcc64seh is to build 64-bit History ======= 3.14.x 8/9/2015 rev22: - GIO: GDBusInterfaceVTable patch backport, provide: register_object_with_closures - GLib: Add Gspawner flag: G_SPAWN_WIN32_HIDDEN_CONSOLE. Thanks to Alexander Shaduri - Dbus: listen to autolaunch by default - Use os.environ instead of putenv for gnome subdir PATH insertion - Removal of several linux specific libraries, added pydbus - Minor upstream updates - Note: pygi 3.16 will be skipped for bigger changes in 3.18 aio 24/8/2015 rev21: - Incomplete typelibs in Gexiv2, VIPS and Gedit - Reoptimize select libraries - Add Libtimezonemap, bundling unicode bitmap fallback font - Remove latex plugin for Gedit (only for POSIX) - Invalid devhelp docs in rev20, update readme.txt a little - Use older intl version - Upstream updates 20/8/2015 rev20: - Gstreamer: Allow DSound device selection. Thanks to Dustin Spicuzza - GDKPixbuf: libTIFF is working now - Make Graphene and HarfBuzz separate package - Add LibTorrent-Glib - Fix missing icons in Devtools, fix gdb missing python import - Upstream updates 2/7/2015 rev19: - Missing JSCore typelib - Add gettext cli tools in Dev package - TIFF: enable dual 8/12 bit jpeg - Ghostscript: doesn't work with mozjpeg/turbojpeg - Enchant: Hspell mislinked - Upstream updates 4/5/2015 rev18: - Disabling SSE2 globally for 32bit except openexr and mozjpeg - Enable LargeAddressAware for 32bit (may need to apply host python too) - Gedit: should be version 3.10 not 3.14 - Gstreamer: Make gstopenjpeg compiled against openjpeg 2.1 Disabling _gst.pyd import Cleanup unstable ladspa and frei0r plugins - Upstream updates: gtk 3.14.13, clutter 1.20.2 and few others 22/4/2015 rev17: - Revert intel optimized zlib - Dont use stdcall for bzip2 32bit - XZ use pthread instead of win95thread - Remove gst-omx - Upstream Update: Goffice 0.10.22, GSF 1.14.33 16/4/2015 rev16: - PangoCairo: favor fontconfig over win32 fontmap by default, this would overcome "Pango Warning:... expect ugly output" - Consequently now you can install custom fonts in gnome\share\fonts for any apps using pangocairo - Replace IJG Jpeg-8 with MozJPEG 3 for faster decode and smaller image size - Replace Zlib with intel's optimized zlib with contributed assembly for win32 - Add relative cache for fontconfig (see gnome\etc\fonts\fonts.conf), useful for portable apps - Change cairo mutexes model to pthread - Disabling SSE2 in webp that crashing in binding mode - Cleanup strayed typelibs in noarch - upstream updates: gtk 3.14.12 and few others 5/4/2015 rev15: - GDKPixbuf: libtiff still broken revert to gdiplus-tiff and add more mime alias for compatibility - Add precompiled schemas that will works in most case - FFTW: some FFT functions failed if --enable-sse2 used, disabling sse2 - move gtkparasite to devtools - upstream updates: gtk 3.14.11 and few others 27/3/2015 rev14: - ClutterGTK: let clutter control input event handling instead of gtk (broken), under windows this is better than nothing at all - Minor upstream updates 8/3/2015 rev13: - Mass relocatable fixes: prevent libraries to access bogus path derived from configure's prefix. - Make ghostscript completely portable by bundling all postscript to romfs and force to use fontconfig. - Gstreamer: Reduce number of ladspa plugins, seems to be troublesome - Gtkvnc: use bundled certificate for tls - Gdkpixbuf: update to development version 2.31.3 which have multipage TIFF fixes (now use libtiff) 1/3/2015 rev12: - Cogl: need to rebuild all libraries depends on it when upgraded to 1.20 - Enable gstreamer override for win64 but don't import the c-ext (mainly for debugging) - Ghostscript name for win64 is gswin64c 28/2/2015 rev11: - GdkPixbuf: Missing Jasper in rev10 - Glib: force to use rand_s - Gio-2.42.2: use of g_content_type_from_mime_type against "inode/directory" won't work for Windows registry. Reverting. - GTK: make the "buried" native theme accessible. Uncomment MS-Windows in gnome\etc\settings.ini, be warned: glitches! make folder shown before files - Installer: should be launch fc-cache -r not just fc-cache - Gedit: version 3.14 looks "disconnected" from the rest of devtools. Downgrade to 3.10.4 - ImageMagick: enable wmf import - Update localization - Upstream updates: Glib 2.42.2, Gtk 3.14.9, Cogl 1.20 and Rsvg 2.40.8 24/2/2015 rev10: - Drop GTK 3.8, PyGTK, Javascript GI - Removal of irrelevant and obsolete libraries - Full rebuild with -O2 optimization on select libraries - GdkPixbuf: redrop openraw, update psd loader - Upstream updates - Installer: ensure normal users granted modify permission on "gnome" runtime directory change icon to gnome foot :) spawn fc-cache instead of waiting - cURL: schannel maintain its keys, no need to specify CA-BUNDLE - Add ImageMagick (but keep it non GPL) as fallback 8bit image loader/rasterizer for VIPS and GEGL - Rename ghostscript's gsc to gswin32c and add more drivers to satisfy IM delegates - GTK: should we enable sort-directories-first? see org.gtk.Settings.FileChooser.gschema.xml add 5 themes for GTK 3.14 - PyGTK (separate): bundle dozens of themes - Add a dozen protocol plugins for libpurple (TP haze) - Typelib x Dll mismatch fixes 3/2/2015 rev9: - With some win32 bugfixes in GTK 3.14.8, this maybe the last with GTK 3.8 unless more revision made - Some GTK commandline tools missing - Bundle gdb with tui in devtools for each python - Bundle Cantarell font (via fontconfig) - Libgit2-glib's override file not updated yet 22/1/2015 rev8: - Gstreamer: move plugins not included in official binaries to gst-plugins-more - Gst-plugins, gdkpixbuf and farstream dependencies fix - Bundle timidity soundfont for gst-fluidsynth - Gegl filter has been strayed to gstreamer's filter - Libgit2-glib update 18/1/2015 rev7: - Upstream updates - Devhelp missing schema file - Convert all devhelp images to webp to shrink installer size - Add gegl reference into devhelp docs - VIPS dependency fix and now there is override file 17/12/2014 rev6: - Ladspa CALF mislinked - Hotmail is dead, Skydrive is no longer, zapojit removed - Soup 2.48.1: revert changes that ask for gnutls 3.x API - Minor updates 9/12/2014 rev5: - ClutterGST: wrong typelib should be 3.0 - Gst-neon mislinked - Wrong manifest in gtk 3.14 dll - Installer: don't write log file - Few upstream updates 19/11/2014 rev4: - Gtksourceview: Older 3.8.2 should be used for gtk 3.8.9 - Freetype: enable circular dep harfbuzz, enable bzip in 32bit build - GXML: wrong dll - Rsvg: resize patch not applied previously - CA cert file update - Upstream updates, poppler-data update 15/11/2014 rev3: - Some locales are missing - Openssl now build with engines statically linked - PyGTK did not uninstalled - Upstream updates 24/10/2014 rev2: - 64bit support build with MinGW-W64 3.x GCC SEH - Some girs were garbled in rev1 - Installer dependencies fix, license file updates - Add libmypaint and Xapian-Glib - Use Gnome bugzilla #734095 patch at the moment - Gimo: missing python loader and should use dll suffix - Gst-python overrides and part of swh plugins removed in 64bit (crashing) - Upstream updates 5/10/2014 rev1: - Full rebuild. compiler revert to MinGW-W64 2.x, previously MinGW-W64 3.x cause miscompiles and segfaults in the binary. 3.12.x installers have been removed. - Installer fixes - Remove some application oriented libraries and obsolete libraries - Remove most of C API Docs except GTK/Glib - Enabling broadway in GTK 3.8.9 - Add gssapi/sasl support using heimdal/cyrus - Revert some new changes in GLib 2.42 that break PyGI - Fix crash in libsecret - Gst-python override is back - Upstream updates. 3.12.x 5/9/2014 rev8: - Upstream updates - python-gstreamer (overrides) removed until 1.4.x version available 1/8/2014 rev7: - Upstream updates: gstreamer*,libgit2-glib,gssdp - Remove python-gstreamer for python3 which crashed under win32 - Use latest libvorbis instead of aotuv 20/7/2014 rev6: - Add python-gstreamer which turned out to be a override package - Minor updates 1/7/2014 rev5: - Missing gsettings-desktop schemas - Installer fix: can't install PyGTK - C Api docs updated - Update: libgit2-glib 0.0.18 28/6/1024 rev4: - Upstream updates - Add PyGTK that works side-by-side with PyGI (python 2.7 only) rev3: - Add a dozen more libraries - Installer fixes - Wrap WSAStartup/WSACleanup to socket call and map close to closesocket in some libraries - Upstream updates - Resolve locale path with _glib_get_localedir - Use Glade 3.14.2 instead of 3.15 for older GTK - Add Gdk-Win32 gir as in newer version - Fontconfig: enable iconv 29/5/2014 rev2: - Add few dozens more libraries - All docs (C/Python API) now in devhelp format, rebuild and locally crosslinked bundling gnome-devel-docs and python 2.7 docs - Minor relocatably patches - Revert to glib 2.38.2 due to gio 2.40.0 issue under windows - GST Schrodinger: switch threading model to win32 - Glib-networking: missing proxy schemas - GTKSourceView 3.12: backport to gtk 3.8 - GOA 3.12: backpot to Glib 2.38 - GDK-Pixbuf: Re-enable openraw support - VIPS: Fix stripped optional args docstring - By default use curl's certificate under gnome\share\ssl folder - Missing query commandline tools - Gconf: patch openldap module to use winldap - Evolution Data Server: enable flock - Zenity: enable webview - Upstream updates 19/4/2014 rev1: - Full rebuild with mingw-w64 (32bit), enabling LFS and Y3K by default - GTK: 3.12.1 is not included due to buggy UI but some of its win32 theme fixes has been backported font antialias enabled by default - Add dozens more libraries - Backport some 3.12 libraries to use GTK 3.8 and WebkitGTK 1.10 - GXPS: should use libarchive 3.x - Libproxy: should use closesocket(), similar case for GRSS too (thanks to Vasily Galkin) - Various relocatable fixes - Upstream updates - Minor installer change 3.10.x 8/2/2014 rev18: - gstreamer: removal of gstpulse (when pulseaudio server not present, gst always throw annoying warnings) - gstreamer: add gstlibvisual with actor, morph and input plugins and make it relocatable too - COGL: removal of GST glue (it crashes gstreamer) - PyGI reference docs rebuild to bring dependency graph and version availability info - Tutorial rebuild as plain html and make it crosslinked to local reference docs - Minor categorization changes - Make installer even smaller 6/2/2014 rev17: - updates: pango-1.36.2, libpng 1.6.8 (apng), dbus 1.6.18, libchamplain 0.12.6, spice-gtk 0.22, harfbuzz 0.9.26, openssl 1.0.1f - PyGI Reference Docs now made with pgi-docgen - Fixes of girs (and typelibs) added since rev8: missing docstrings, includes and wrong/missing shared library value - Use Zach9824's tweaked settings.ini to make text rendering much better across different Windows version - Removal of conflicting libgee 0.6.8 and its dependants (SKK, KKC and gtkmusic) - Mandatory docs reduced to pygi tutorial for smaller installation - Make the warning about gtk 3.10 a bit intimidating 30/1/2014 rev16: - updates: gtk 3.10.7, gtk 3.8.9, gdk-pixbuf 2.30.3, gtksourceview 3.10.2, cogl 1.16.2, pixman 0.32.4, freetype 2.5.2, poppler 0.25.1, vips 7.38.2 - match gir/typelib versioning with the actual dlls - dont include 16x16 embedded stock icons to reduce gtk dll size - remove some low-level libraries from selection list - dont rename gda control center cause libgdaui hardcoded with versioned filename of it - add some libraries - next rev. will use reference api docs geerated by pgi-docgen instead of gnome-doc-tool.. stay tuned 14/1/2014 rev15: - updates: clutter-gst 2.0.10, libgsf 1.14.29 - rebuild amrwbenc with -O2 to avoid some AV false positive - make installer a bit smaller 5/1/2014 rev14: - setup makeups - updates: libgit2-glib 0.0.10, harfbuzz 0.9.25 - make setup allow python installation path with space - make api reference chm recompilable by anyone - make installer a bit smaller 2/1/2014 rev13: - add a dozen more libraries (mostly initial ports) - dependency fixes - update: gstreamer 1.2.2 - fix dbus configuration and services - some missing data files added - update api reference chm - make installer smaller - minor categorization changes 28/12/2013 rev12: - dependency fixes - enchant: uspell removed (crashed under Windows 7) - update: libgda 5.2.2 with mysql provider - gegl rebuild with more modules - minor categorization changes 20/12/2013 rev11: - lots of glitches since categorized - embed larger portion of gnome icon theme into gtk dll - enable all enchant backends except zemberek, make hspell and voikko dicts relocatable - include top 10 languages spell dicts - include public-domain damase font as fallback for rare unicode - include hundreds of frei0r and ladspa plugins - make telepathy gabble relocatable - make gtk switch to tahoma/segoe ui as default font - lipeas/glade should not have python versioned plugin - self-signed installer - setup allow package selection, setup ask elevation in vista or later, previously incorrectly install rtvc9 - shortcut should have workingdir - unico removed (crashed) - some executables missing from rev7 11/12/2014 rev10: - enable apng patch in libpng - enable lzma in libtiff - switch to gdiplus tiff for gdk-pixbuf because of thumbnail issue, disabling openraw (doesn't work) - separate devhelp from devtools - switch to gedit 3.8.3 because 3.10 can't work with gtk 3.8 - libinfinity missing dependency rev9: - Python API Docs in CHM format - MSI cancelled (too complex), 7zipSFX provided with zenity wizard - Glade catalogs have the wrong soname - remove gtranslator's gdict plugin (crashed) - GIO: should call rundll32 with libgio path as workdir not launcher's - GJS: correct private typelib loader - Some missing files and misplaced dlls/files - ReDrop python 2.6 (pygobject 3.8.3): with newer glib it cause https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+bug/1229041 - Updates: GOffice 0.10.9, GTK+ 3.10.6 and LibPeas 1.9.0 (now with gjsloader) 29/11/2013 rev8: - categorize the binaries - Add license files, some missing dlls and C devel files. Prepared for installer - Add dozen more libraries - Add python 2.6 3.1 3.2 3.4 port - initial port attempt for GJS 1.38 (Spidermonkey 17 engine) - Seed need no repl.js as there is no readline support yet - updated to gtk 3.10.5 22/11/2014 rev7: - disabling LFS by default - separate runtime dll, one for 2.7 and 3.3 (mixing different new msvcrt cause FD crashes) - add more stuff - add alternative GTK 3.8 dlls because GTK 3.10 a bit buggy under win32 - initial port attempt for Msitools and Seed (JSCore engine embeddable via libpeas) - use gmtime_r for libgsf - use strerror_r for gpg-error - use localtime64_s for telepathy - babl plugin path still incorrect - patch rsvg's incorrect "smart" scale - use realpath for rsvg - try to complete gstreamer plugins (202) - re-enable SDL backend for COGL - updated with gnome november bugfix releases - openraw isn't initialized inside gdk-pixbuf - geoclue should relocatable from libexec - make libskk relocatable - consolidate some common dll into one to reduce the number of dll - some docs missing - fix fontconfig unreferenced html - timestamp rev7 files -remove bundled aspell-en dict rev6: - recompile all typelibs after merged with opensuse girs - added much more libraries and tools - python 2.7 port added - p11kit not loading trust module in win32 - make gcrpyt stop warn about diskperf - babl-git should load plugins like the rest - gstladspa: assign relative path lib\ladspa-1 as default plugins pool (also see http://opensourcepack.blogspot.com/p/ladspa-for-win32.html) - gstfrei0r: assign relative path lib\frei0r-1 as default plugins pool (http://code.google.com/p/osspack32/downloads/detail?name=frei0r-1.4.7z&can=2&q=) - ghex need "rb" mode to open file - add gtk3 themes rev5: - add more libraries rev4: - revert glib static build patch that cause gio schemas problem rev3: - detune optimization rev2: - barely works rev1: - fail
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