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Menus have been changed so that only tools which are applicable to the visible worksheet are shown. This application uses Calc macros which are disabled by default. To enable macros, click on "Tools" on the toolbar, then "Options...". This will bring up a submenu with "OpenOffice.org" as the first item. Expand this item and then click on "Security". Click on the "Macro Security..." button and on the "Security Level" tab click on the "Medium" button to allow macros to run with confirmation and then click on the "OK" buttons of each dialog to exit. The PLC tools selection dialog can then be started by clicking on the "PLC Tools..." menu. The Calc worksheet will be downloaded as read only by default; save file in a convenient folder first and then open from that folder so that changes can be made to the worksheet.
Source: README.txt, updated 2012-10-17