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PHPMusicPlayer+ v0.2.3 ---------------------- Installation: copy files and go to http://myserver/phpmpplus/config.php. You can go to http://myserver/phpmpplus/install.php to add PhpMP+ to your sidebar. Copyright: This software is copyright (c) 2004 BohwaZ <bohwaz at tilt.eu.org> and is licensed under GNU/GPL that can be read at www.gnu.org. TODO-List: - Administration rights: password, users... - Find function - Add some themes - Could copy MPD DB to MySQL one and using it for new features like: - Rating songs for users - Generate playlists using most rated songs (if MPD don't implement song rating before?) - Improve the use of MPD-passwords * Please report bugs to bohwaz at tilt.eu.org or in the www.musicpd.org forum * CHANGELOG --------- 0.1.0 Initial private release based on PhpMP 0.2.0 First public release using MPD PHP Class from Benjamin Carlisle There's no more part of PhpMP in this version. - Music files browser (adding items by checking them in the list) - Configuration, Full playlist and about dialog - Ready to international with PHP GNU/GetText functions to display text - Using Strict xHML 1.0/CSS2 and DOM/ECMAScript 0.2.1 - Using MPD Class 1.2 instead of 1.1 - Search function in Music browser - Corrected some visual bugs 0.2.2 - GNU/Gettext internationalization is now ready (but don't work for me) - Corrected Mozilla CSS bugs - Seekbar and time elapsed are now dynamically updated by javascript (no more need to have low refresh frequency! and the player looks better to UI-based players) - Corrected some bugs in Music Browser 0.2.3 - Corrected time interpreter in About dialog - Gettext localization replaced with home-made one (Gettext seems to be very buggy) - Translated to French - Change the volume bar to seek in it like in seek bar (thanks csak for idea) - Merged Play and Pause buttons (thanks Sunshine for idea) - Corrected Mozilla CSS bugs (again) - Allow users to customize client (using cookie) - MPD passwords are implemented - The client configuration is now password-protected - Corrected bugs when playing a livestream (continuous loading etc.) - Possibility to configure displaying of song titles - Finally the player stills refresh when it's paused or stopped (thanks to nosferat) - New script to generate a template to create new translations (in lang/generate.php) - Compatibility with error_level set to E_ALL in PHP - Possibility to add streams to playlist (and corrected some bugs when playing a stream) - The playlist editor replace the playlist viewer - Added a bitrate viewing when playing a song (but don't works very well with VBR files...) - Added a page to install PhpMP+ in sidebar in one click (thanks to nosferat)
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