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INSTALL --------- To install the application follow these steps: 1. Install a webserver (preferably Apache, but any other should work if it supports PHP) 2. Install PHP 3. Instal MySQL 4. Create a directory in the webserver root to hold the application files 5. Unzip the contents of phpledger.zip to the directory created above 6. Edit common_config.php to suit your needs 7. Create the database using caixa.sql file with mysql -u root -p < caixa.sql 8. Create users in mysql to access the application. The user password should be encrypted with md5 (CREATE USER 'jeffrey'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY PASSWORD(md5('*90E462C37378CED12064BB3388827D2BA3A9B689'))) This is still cumbersome and a bit complicated. Both the user creation and authentication should be moved into the app itself in the future, as well as the database creation and setup. If you need any help do not hesitate to contact me by email to a.h.o.l.i.v.e.i.r.a.[at]g.m.a.i.l..c.o.m. (remove each single dot to get the email). Regards, Antonio Oliveira
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