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00.06 ===== - BUGFIX: mysql version of function sql_list_tables was undefined - BUGFIX: mssql version of function sql_list_tables was undefined - NEW: parameter $forceConnect of function sql_connect now working for mssql DB type, too - NEW: mysql support of function sql_insert_blob - NEW: added web pages, in a new folder "webtest", to use for regression and new development tests. Start page is "phpcomdb-test-index.php" WARNING: you do not want have that pages on your production website, because they are meant for internal testing only, and there is NO sql-injection or any hacking checks. BE WARNED! You must configure the script phpcomdb-test.php before using this tool. - OTHER: functions listed in phpcomdb-function-reference.txt are now sorted in alphabetical order - OTHER: phpcomdb.php, more comments - OTHER: phpcomdb-function-reference.txt, more comments 00.05 ===== - NEW: function sql_insert_blob ($query,$blobfilename,$pli) (mssql supported only) - partial support for inserting BLOB data, by the function sql_insert_blob (mssql supported only) - phpcomdb.changelog.txt renamed to readme.txt - phpcomdb.porting.from.mysql.txt: corrected aesthetic typos - BUGFIX: trailing newlines at end of scripts, will interfere with output of raw data by php (e.g. using header commands to output documents as files to save, any output had 2 CR-LF couples bytes at start of document data) - zipped files are now placed on 'phpcomdb' directory 00.04 ===== - BUGFIX: sql_generated_id reporting last trigger-generated ID instead the SQL generated ID, when performed on MSSQL type database. - BUGFIX: sql_mssql_generated_id using now scope_identity() in place of @@IDENTITY - removed phpcomdb.relnotes.txt, duplicate of phpcomdb.changelog.txt file. 00.03 ===== - phpcomdb.php internal changelog removed, all updates will be in this file. - sql_connect(), sql_mysql_connect(), sql_mssql_connect() were returning wrong type - phpcomdb-function-reference: - sql_fetch_array had wrong arguments order 00.02 ===== - Bug fixing to make it work with test sites, mysql based. mssql suite still to test... 00.01 ===== - First release
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