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--------------------------------------------------------------------- Barman News - History of user-visible changes Copyright © 2011-2014 2ndQuadrant Italia (Devise.IT S.r.l.) Version 1.3.0 - 3 Feb 2014 * Refactored BackupInfo class for backup metadata to use the new FieldListFile class (infofile module) * Refactored output layer to use a dedicated module, in order to facilitate integration with Nagios (NagiosOutputWriter class) * Refactored subprocess handling in order to isolate stdin/stderr/ stdout channels (command_wrappers module) * Refactored hook scripts management * Extracted logging configuration and userid enforcement from the configuration class. * Support for hook scripts to be executed before and after a WAL file is archived, through the 'pre_archive_script' and 'post_archive_script' configuration options. * Implemented immediate checkpoint capability with --immediate-checkpoint command option and 'immediate_checkpoint' configuration option * Implemented network compression for remote backup and recovery through the 'network_compression' configuration option (#19) * Implemented the 'rebuild-xlogdb' command (Closes #27 and #28) * Added deduplication of tablespaces located inside the PGDATA directory * Refactored remote recovery code to work the same way local recovery does, by performing remote directory preparation (assuming the remote user has the right permissions on the remote server) * 'barman backup' now tries and create server directories before attempting to execute a full backup (#14) * Fixed bug #22: improved documentation for tablespaces relocation * Fixed bug #31: 'barman cron' checks directory permissions for lock file * Fixed bug #32: xlog.db read access during cron activities
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