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pentobi-7.0-install.exe 2013-06-25 5.4 MB 22 weekly downloads
pentobi-7.0-install.exe.asc 2013-06-25 230 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
pentobi-7.0.tar.gz.asc 2013-06-25 230 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
pentobi-7.0.tar.gz 2013-06-25 773.2 kB 22 weekly downloads
README 2013-06-25 813 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
Files: pentobi-7.0-install.exe Installer for Windows (Windows 7 / Vista / XP) pentobi-7.0.tar.gz Source code distribution pentobi-7.0-install.exe.asc pentobi-7.0.tar.gz.asc GPG signatures to verify the integrity of the files Changes in version 7.0: * Support for compilation with version 5 of the Qt libraries (see INSTALL for details) * Slightly increased playing strength at higher levels (mainly in game variant Duo) * The default settings in game variants with more than two players are now that the human plays the first color and the computer all other colors * Fixed a crash that could occur if the window was put in fullscreen mode by a method of the window manager (e.g. title bar menu on KDE) and then returned to normal mode by a different method (e.g. pressing Escape)
Source: README, updated 2013-06-25