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pentobi-1.2-install.exe 2012-04-17 5.2 MB 11 weekly downloads
pentobi-1.2-install.exe.asc 2012-04-17 230 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
pentobi-1.2.tar.gz.asc 2012-04-17 230 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
pentobi-1.2.tar.gz 2012-04-17 581.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
README 2012-04-17 2.4 kB 11 weekly downloads
Files: pentobi-1.2-install.exe Installer for Windows (Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7) pentobi-1.2.tar.gz Source code distribution pentobi-1.2-install.exe.asc pentobi-1.2.tar.gz.asc GPG signatures to verify the integrity of the files Changes in version 1.2: * Bugfix: program sometimes hung or crashed when generating a move in early game Trigon positions especially when there were no legal moves with any of the large pieces * Bugfix: file modified marker was not set on certain changes (Make Main Variation, comment changed) * Bugfix: game info dialog showed wrong player labels in Trigon and Trigon Three-Player * Minor other bugfixes in the code * Reverted the change that used the SVG icon for setting the window icon because it created an unwanted dependency on the Qt SVG plugin. * Made Save menu item and tool button active if game is modified even if no file name is associated with the current game * Made the code compile without warnings with GCC -Wunused * Made "make post-install" continue even if some commands fail. Changes in version 1.1: * File is now immediately visible in Recent Files menu after saving under a new name. * Fixed several cases where the program crashed instead of showing an error message if the opened file was invalid. The error message now also has a Show Details button to show the reason why the file could not be loaded. * Fixed a bug that distorted the position values reported with --verbose if a subtree from a previous search was reused * Fixed exception in tools/twogtp/analyze.py if option -r was used * Minor fixes in computer player engine * Added explaining label to computer color dialog because window title is not visible in all L&F's * Accept pass moves (empty value) in files. Although the current Blokus SGF documentation does not specify if they should be allowed, they might be used in the future and are used in files written by early (unreleased) versions of Pentobi * Extended the file format documentation by a hint how to put blksgf files on web servers * Smaller icons for piece manipulation buttons * Fixed computation of the font bounding box in the score display * Set option -std=c++0x in CMakeLists.txt if compiler is CLang * Removed duplicate pentobi.png in directories data and src/pentobi; The file pentobi.svg was moved from data to src/pentobi and is now used for setting the window icon of Pentobi
Source: README, updated 2012-04-17