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Files: pentobi-0.2-install.exe Windows installer. Optionally creates an entry in the start menu and a shortcut on the desktop, and registers Pentobi as a handler for Blokus-SGF files. Includes and optionally installs the source code distribution. pentobi-0.2.tar.gz Source code distribution. Changes in version 0.2: * German translation * Display sum score for both player colors in game variant Classic Two-Player * Slightly changed file format to conform to the proposed version 5 of SGF that requires digits for move properties in multi-player games. Files written by Pentobi 0.1 can still be read. * Support for move annotation symbols * Store and edit additional game information (player names, date) * New menu items Ten Moves Backward/Forward, Go to Move, Undo Move * Underline move numbers if there are alternative variations * Show move number, total number of moves and current variation in status bar * Faster play in higher levels, especially of opening moves * Make thumbnailer for Blokus files work under Gnome 3 * Fix broken compilation with GCC 4.6.1 (bug #3420555)
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