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Release Notes for PDL 2.4.11 ----------------------------- General Notes: * This is a point release of PDL to support the coming perl 5.16.0 release. +---------------------------------------------------------------+ | BE WARNED: This release includes an update to the internal, | | C-level PDL API and will require that you re-build any PP or | | XS modules. Do not upgrade or install over an existing PDL | | installation unless you are prepared to do so!!! | +---------------------------------------------------------------+ Highlights: * A new implementation mapflex and mapfraw routines provides memory-mapped IO for all platforms including win32 systems. * The new memory mapped IO support is implemented using File::Map so version 0.47 has been added as a required dependency to force automated testing so an automated build will need this dependency installed. NOTE: For systems having POSIX mmap, a manual build of PDL will automatically use the legacy implementation. * Various cleanup to existing code to fix warnings generated by perl versions 5.15.x and higher. Remove deprecation warning in PGPLOT/Window/Window.pm complex.pd - fix attempts to overload '<=>=' and '=>' * Sf.net bugs fixed: 3518253 Make PDL::flat work under perl 5.16 (thanks sprout!) 3516600 pdl_from_string.t fails w/ BADVAL_USENAN=1 3487569 PDL::IO::Misc : rcols problem (thanks bperret!) 3476648 PDL build of HTML docs fails on recent bleed Perl * Other bugs fixed: Fix check for glutRunning logic for imag2d Fixed a bug in cat's error reporting. Added lvalue awareness to whereND * New and improved tests have been added to the test suite. Tests t/gd_oo_tests.t and t/inline-comment-test.t are skipped for BSD platforms (see sf.net bugs #3518190 and #3524081 to track their issues). * New support for multi-line comments in PP code. See docs for PDL::PP for details (e.g., pdldoc PP). * Various enhancements to barf/croak output and messages to make error reports and stack traces more useful and readable. * There is a new changes (or Changes) target for the PDL Makefile which is a convenience target that allows one to regenerate the Changes file from git.
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