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PaintBox 1.11 2015-08-08 66 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.10 2014-08-14 11 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.09 2014-07-07 33 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.08 2014-06-19 33 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.07 2014-04-07 44 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.06 2014-03-09 44 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.05 2014-01-04 44 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.04 2014-01-04 33 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.03 2014-01-04 44 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.02 2014-01-04 22 weekly downloads
README.TXT 2015-08-08 1.0 kB 22 weekly downloads
PaintBox 1.11 Official Release Notes PaintBox 1.11 is officially a stable release, but this does not guarantee that all features of the program will work correctly. If you encounter a glitch, please report it at: https://sourceforge.net/p/paintbox/bug-report/ Also if you have any ideas for future development please post them at: https://sourceforge.net/p/paintbox/feature-request/ PaintBox 1.11 includes a bug fix to the detail panel, and other minor bug fixes. PaintBox 1.11 also includes the ability to add perfect circles, squares, and equilateral triangles. Additionally, it adds the ability to rotate shapes freely. NOTICE: Due to new changes to the file formating of drawings all drawings saved prior to PaintBox 1.10 will not open. To open these files please download PaintBox 1.10 and save the drawing. PLEASE NOTE: This version of PaintBox requires Java 7 or above. The installer should install Java if you don't have it, but if you encounter issues you may wish to try installing Java from www.java.com
Source: README.TXT, updated 2015-08-08