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openCaesar3 is a remake of the classic Caesar3 PC game, a city building game developed by Impression Games and published by Sierra Entertainment, in 1998. The game will be a near clone to the original Caesar3 game. Notorious changes are: * new AI for walkers. They just go where they are needed * actors just out of the actor school do not provide access to the entertainment (same for gladiators, ...) The game is still not quite playable Releases: 02apr2013: implement click&drag to build houses and clear land 02mar2013: first binary release for windows start implement the menubar with money/population/date use the slim interface for build menu (regression: no more access to save/load game) start implement funds and taxes 09feb2013: implement clear land add copyright notice 01dev2012: save/load game complete. implement nearly all entertainment buildings 10nov2012: save/load game starts to work 12oct2012: start implement load game 17sep2012: start implement save game 14jun2012: big code refactoring of the GUI. prepare for game music. 21may2012: add an installation procedure 15may2012: implement some buildings (water, entertainment, education). start implementation of house evolution/regression. 20apr2012: first public release.
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