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OpenVm-0.144-Linux-Scripting-Library 2013-08-25 7 weekly downloads
OpenVm-0.144 2013-08-18 8 weekly downloads
OpenVM-0.136 2013-06-08 1 weekly downloads
OpenVM-0.122 2013-05-01 6 weekly downloads
README.txt 2013-08-25 667 Bytes 11 weekly downloads
Open Virtual Machine - Changelog V0.144: Boolean expressions bug fixed Datagram socket ipv6 bug fixed Native exception end of message bug fixed Stack trace bug fixed Calendar's timestamp bug fixed Primitives array copy methods added Multicast sockets added Object serialization added JSON package added Database package added Sqlite support added MySQL support added Print by standard error added Hash calculation package added Linux Scripting Library V0.136: Sockets support added. Garbage collector bugs fixed. Garbage collector tune added. Native Exceptions bug fixed. Notepad++ support added. V0.122: First version.
Source: README.txt, updated 2013-08-25