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Release Notes ooDialog 4.2.1 ============================ The ooDialog 4.2.1 release is focused on improvements to the ListView and TreeView classes in ooDialog. In addition to bug fixes, this release contains a number of enhancements to both the list-view and tree-view implementations in ooDialog. ooDialog 4.2.1 can be installed to any ooRexx installation, 4.1.0 or later. Beginning with the release of ooDialog 4.2.0, the installation of ooDialog has been decoupled from the interpreter. ooDialog 4.2.1 installs over the top of any ooRexx installation. It replaces the version of ooDialog in the ooRexx installation with ooDialog 4.2.1. This type of ooDialog installation is called an "independent" ooDialog installation to indicate the ooDialog installation is independent of an ooRexx installation and, to a degree, the version of ooRexx installed. ooDialog 4.2.1 requires a minimum ooRexx version of 4.1.0. Installation ======================================================================== Installation is simple, done through a typical Windows installer. Pick the installation package that matches the bitness of the ooRexx installation. I.e., a 32-bit package for a 32-bit ooRexx and a 64-bit package for a 64-bit ooRexx. The installer will detect the installed ooRexx, location and version. If the ooRexx version is less than 4.1.0, or if there is no installed ooRexx, the installer will abort with a message explaining the problem. Otherwise the installer will replace the current ooDialog with ooDialog 4.2.1. Note that the actions of the installer are dependent on the version of ooRexx, not the version of the installed ooDialog. For instance, if the installed ooDialog is version 4.3.0, but for some reason the user is not happy with that version, running the ooDialog 4.2.1 installer will replace the 4.3.0 version with the 4.2.1 version. At the time of the installation, *all* ooDialog programs must be halted and the ooDialog PDFs must be closed if they happen to be opened. Changes in ooDialog 4.2.1 since the release of ooDialog 4.2.0 ======================================================================== Bug Fixes in ooDialog: ---------------------- * #1116 Debug print outs left in ooDialog 4.2.0 * #1117 Method handler passed wrong argument for TreeView EXPANDING event * #1121 ooDialog appcrash running forward class(super) continue * #1124 ooDialog - failed to locate .h file message incorrect * #1126 ooDialog - args sent to the HELP event handler incorrect * #1128 ooDialog UtilityClasses.cls: typo * #1138 MessageDialog: Failure in system service * #1141 ooDialog - connecting system menu command events can fail * #1145 TimedMessage dialog remains on screen after ok() method is invoked * #1146 Return code from ListView::deleteColumn() not as documented * #1147 SingleSelection class * #1149 Potential crash in ooDialog connectKeyPress() method Feature Requests in ooDialog: ----------------------------- * #42 OODialog List Control Class (report) format individual lines * #130 OODialog List Control Class Activate sort headers * #342 ooDialog - index for list-view state image * #419 Add Tooltip control * #420 Would like to have an AddButtonStem method. * #478 ooDialog - List-view could use a way to work with a complete row * #483 ooDialog setColor and dialog background improvements * #484 ooDialog setColor methods should not be restricted to the 19 palette indexes * #485 Treeview itemData * #486 ooDialog - the TreeView Expanding event should allow a veto * #487 ooDialog - It would be nice if the TreeView class had a way to do custom sorting * #488 ooDialog - TreeView class needs a itemText method * #489 ooDialog - TreeView class should support info tips * #490 ooDialog - ListView class should support info tips * #493 ooDialog - TreeView begin / end label editing could be improved * #494 ooDialog - ListView begin / end label editing could be improved * #495 ooDialog TreeView control has missing styles * #496 ooDialog TreeView methods to determine area occupied by an item * #499 ooDialog connectTreeViewEvent CHANGING veto * #501 The ListView class should have an easy way to switch views New Functionality in ooDialog: ------------------------------ An implementation that allows acces to the Custom Draw facility in Microsoft's Common Control library has been added. Custom Draw allows, for example, the programmer to specify the text and background colors for individual rows in a ListView, even for individual columns in the row. The programmer can specify the font of the text for individual list-view items. Etc., etc.. The CustomDraw class has been added to ooDialog and is the means to access the Custom Draw facilities. New ListView support classes: ----------------------------- LvItem class: Represents a single list-view item. The attributes of the LvItem are the attributes of the underlying Windows list-view item. LvSubItem class: Represents a single list-view subitem. The attributes of the LvSubItem are the attributes of the underlying Windows list-view subitem. LvFullRow class: List-view items can contain subitems. This is most apparent in the row view of a list-view where the subitems are displayed in columns next to the item. However, the subitems, once added to an item, are always present, even if the list-view is in another view, such as icon view. The LvFullRow class represents the list-view item and all its subitems. LvFullRow objects can be used to insert an item and all data associated with the item into a list-view at one time. LvCustomDrawSimple class: The LvCustomDrawSimple class is used in conjuction with the custom draw facility for ListView controls. New dialog classes: ------------------- CustomDraw class: The CustomDraw class is a new mixin class. Dialogs in ooDialog can inherit this class, which then gives the dialog the ability to access the custom draw facility. The ListView and TreeView controls can register for custom draw. New dialog control classes: --------------------------- ToolTip class: Tooltip controls are pop-up windows that display text. Typically the text describes a tool. A tool is either a window or an application defined area within a window. New utility classes: -------------------- TvCustomDrawSimple class: The TvCustomDrawSimple class is used in conjuction with the custom draw facility for TreeView controls. New Methods: ------------ In the PlainBaseDialog class: getTextSizeTitleBar() In the DialogControl class: useVersion() usingVersion() In the ListView class: addFullRow() insertFullRow() prependFullRow() In the TreeView class: find() getItemData() itemText() removeItemData() setItemData() New Attributes: --------------- In the SM (system metrics) class: cxSize cxSmIcon cyMenu Enhanced Methods: ----------------- In the DialogControl class: setColor() setSysColor() In the DialogExtensions class: setControlColor() setControlSysColor() In the TreeView class: insert() itemInfo() modify() In the EventNotification class: connectListViewEvent() * the KEYDOWNEX event is added. * the BEGINEDIT event is enhanced * the ENDEDIT event is enhanced connectTreeViewEvent() * the KEYDOWNEX event is added. * the BEGINEDIT event is enhanced * the ENDEDIT event is enhanced New samples: ------------ oodialog\controls\ListView\customDrawListView.rex The customDrawListView example demonstrates how to change the text, text color, and background color of individual rows in a list-view. oodialog\controls\ListView\columnIcons.rex The columnIcons.rex example demonstrates how to use the new LvFullRow class and how to use icons in the columns of list-view items in report view. oodialog\controls\ToolTip\toolTip.rex The toolTip.rex example demonstrates the basics of using ToolTips in ooDialog. It includes the usage of a number of the ToolTip methods. oodialog\controls\ToolTip\customPositionToolTip.rex The customPositionToolTip.rex example shows how to use the ToolTip class to do custom positioning of the info tips provided by the tree-view. oodialog\controls\ToolTip\manageControlTool.rex The manageControlTool.rex example shows how to use some advanced features of the ToolTip class to provide completely customized ToolTips for a dialog control. This example uses a tree-view control, but the techniques could be applied to any dialog control. Enhanced samples: ----------------- oodialog\treeViewCustomDraw.rex The oodtree.rex example has been renamed to the treeViewCustomDraw.rex and enhanced. The example has been more fully commented, uses custom draw for the tree-view control, and has a number of small bugs fixed. Documentation: -------------- The ListView Control chapter in the ooDialog Reference Manual has been partially reviewed and corrected for accuracy. Parts of the chapter have been updated to match the format and style that was introduced in the rework of the manual done for ooDialog 4.2.0 The TreeView Control chapter in the ooDialog Reference Manual has been partially reviewed and corrected for accuracy. Parts of the chapter have been updated to match the format and style that was introduced in the rework of the manual done for ooDialog 4.2.0 The documentation for the connectListViewEvent and connectTreeViewEvent methods have been enhanced. Known Problems, "Gotchas," and Solutions with Independent Installations ======================================================================== * Problem: The ooRexx installer creates a log of the files it installs. When the uninstaller runs, the user can select to only uninstall files logged during installtion. An indpendent ooDialog installation may install some example programs, documentation files, and shortcuts not recorded in the log file. When ooRexx is uninstalled or upgraded, these files and shortcuts may not be deleted. Solution 1: Before uninstalling ooRexx, install the independent ooDialog that matches the ooRexx installation. I.e., if the ooRexx installation is any 4.0.x, or 4.1.x ooRexx version, install the ooDialog 4.1.0 indpendent installation. Then when ooRexx is uninstalled, all ooDialog files and shortcuts will be removed because the files and shortcuts exactly match what was installed during the ooRexx installation. Solution 2: After uninstalling ooRexx, manually delete any files in the old ooRexx installation directory. * Gotcha: The independent ooDialog installation deletes the entire ooDialog samples subdirectory tree. This will delete any personal files that may have been put there after ooRexx was installed. Solution 1: Do not put personal files in the %REXX_HOME%\samples\ooDialog subdirectory tree. Solution 2: Before executing the independent ooDialog installer, move or back up any personal files that may be in %REXX_HOME%\samples\ooDialog subdirectory tree.
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