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v1.3.2 2011-12-23 33 weekly downloads
v1.2.2 2011-12-23 22 weekly downloads
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cTAKES is licensed under Apache License V2.0. cTAKES development has moved to apache.org. See http:/ctakes.apache.org/ The last version of cTAKES available here at SourceForge is cTAKES-2.5, found under the cTAKES directory. For version 2, there was only one flavor of cTAKES. For version 1, there were two flavors of cTAKES - the original cTAKES and icTAKES. They provided the same set of annotators. cTAKES 1.3.1 was equivalent to icTAKES 1.3.2 cTAKES 1.3.1 was delivered as multiple UIMA PEAR files. icTAKES 1.3.2 contains a single jar file. The icTAKES.tar.gz and icTAKES.zip files in this directory are icTAKES 1.2.2
Source: README-icTAKES-SF, updated 2013-09-13