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NuttX-7.2 Release Notes

The 102nd release of NuttX, Version 7.2, was made on April 29, 2014, and is available for download from the SourceForge website. Note that the release consists of two tarballs: nuttx-7.2.tar.gz and apps-7.2.tar.gz. The apps tarball is a break-away package of example applications that may or may not be needed (see the top-level nuttx/README.txt file for build information).

The GIT version associated with this release is: dd5d0e16185a285863dec303d8a0dd4aa13211b4 The TAG for this release is nuttx-7.2

Post Release Patches:

  • nuttx-7.2-nucleo-*.patch files. The Nucleo-F401RE port was immature at the time that nuttx-7.2 was released. These patches correct a few of the Nucleo-F401RE. However, it is recommended that if you want to use the Nucleo-F401RE, you should use either the current GIT repository or wait for NuttX-7.3. The first working Nucleo-F401RE configuration was after commit cc7a5be4cb8339eba34a034b521978e4150b0290.
  • An error was also discovered in the configuration system in this release. The nature of the error causes NSH Telnet sessions to have corrupted I/O. The changes is probably to extensive to be patched. Rather, you should just manually assure that CONFIG_NSH_CONDEV is not defined in your configuration file.
  • nuttx-7.2-cle-newline.patch. Fixes an error EMACS-like command line editor. In certain configurations, the newline character was not being handled correctly resulting in output like: nsh> nsh> nsh>.

Additional new features and extended functionality:

  • Core OS:

    • Add support for CLOCK_REALTIME. From Macs N.
  • Network Utilities:

    • Add a very primitive NTP client.
    • DNS resolver: Long needed major clean up for coding style and unification of naming conventions (resolv vs dns).
  • Common Drivers:

    • Add a new MTD driver that can be used to contain another driver and force its apparent sector size to be 512 bytes.
    • If DCD can support queuing of stall requests, then the USB MSC stall work around delays are not necessary.
    • Redesign threading module used with the USB MSC driver. It was using pthreads before and these were changed to a kernel thread. The reason for this has to do with task grouping: A pthread is a memory of the group of the task that started it. A kernel thread is independent of the task that started in (other than knowing it as the parent). This allows me to remove so kludge logic to "deparent" the pthread on start-up.
    • Update the MIO183QT-9A LCD driver to support reading from the LCD. From Toby Duckworth.
    • Timer "upper half" driver and l"lower half" interface definition from Bob Doiron.
  • Atmel SAM4E/4S Board Support:

    • All SAM4E configurations updated to run with 120MHz CPU speed and with the CMCC enabled.
    • Support for the SAM4S Xplained Pro board from Bob Doiron.
    • Add watchdog driver. From Bob Doiron.
  • Atmel SAM4E/4S Drivers:

    • Add a USB full speed device driver (UDP) for the SAM4E.
    • Add support in HSMCI and SPI drivers to invalidate cached memory if the CMCC is enabled.
    • Add logic to handle SPI word widths > 8
    • Port RTC driver from SAMA5 to SAM3/4. From Bob Doiron.
    • HSMCI: Extensions from Bob Doiron needed to support PDC-based HSMCI DMA transfers. Verified on the SAM4S Xplained Pro.
  • Atmel SAMA5:

    • Add support for the SAMA5D36 chip.
    • Add functions to calculate PLLACK, PCK, and MCK frequencies given the main clock frequency.
    • Implemented RAM functions. When booting directly into NOR flash, reconfiguring the PLL while executing out of NOR FLASH causes crashes. This was fixed by David Sidrane by implementing RAM functions. The killer code is copied and executed from ISRAM and the crash is avoided.
  • Atmel SAMA5 Drivers:

    • Add support for the SAMA5D3 DBGU.
  • Atmel SAMA5 Board Support:

    • Add a board support configuration for the Atmel SAMA5D3 Xplained board running out of SDRAM. When booting from SDRAM, start-up logic needd to query the PMC registers to determine the MCK, PCK, etc.
    • For all SAMA5 boards, added support for 528MHz clocking.
  • TI Tiva/Stellaris:

    • Modify the logic to disables the interrupts and sets the default interrupt priority so that it uses the ICTR to get the number of interrupt lines/registers. This is instead of using some fixed number of initializations based a priori knowledge of the number of interrupt lines in the MCU.
  • STMicro STM32:

    • Add support for the STM401RE. From Frank Bennett.
  • STMicro STM32 Boards:

    • STM32F4Discovery: Add support to register keyboard and mouse classes if so configured. From Leo.
    • Add support for the Nucleo-F401RE board. From Frank Bennett.
  • STMicro STM32 Drivers:

    • Add STM32 Ethernet IGMP hashing support. From Manuel Stühn.
    • OTG FS Host: USB host tracing added by Leo.
  • Freescale Kinetis:

    • Modify the logic to disables the interrupts and sets the default interrupt priority so that it uses the ICTR to get the number of interrupt lines/registers. This is instead of using some fixed number of initializations based a priori knowledge of the number of interrupt lines in the MCU.
  • NXP LPC17xx:

    • Modify the logic to disables the interrupts and sets the default interrupt priority so that it uses the ICTR to get the number of interrupt lines/registers. This is instead of using some fixed number of initializations based a priori knowledge of the number of interrupt lines in the MCU.
  • ZiLOG ZNEO Drivers:

    • Added ZNEO ESPI driver.
  • Library:

    • Finish incomplete support for ferror(). From Macs N.
  • Documentation:

    • UsbTrace.html: Add some discussion of the USB monitor.
  • Configuration/Build System:

    • compiler.h: Add macro UNUSED() that can be used to eliminate warnings about variables that are set to values that are not used.
  • Debugging Support:

    • Add a configuration option to enable dumping of the USB trace buffer on assertion.
  • Applications:

    • IGMP Example: Fill out Kconfig file; update makefile so that the IGMP example can be used as an NSH built-in application. From Manuel Stühn.
    • lcdrw Example: Fill out empty Kconfig file.
    • touchscreen Example: Add a configuration option to indicate if architecture-specific initialized is required, yes or no.
    • System usbmsc: Back out the USBMSC daemon... it is no longer needed with the recent fix to the USBMSC class driver.
    • NSH: malloc/free IOBUFFER for cat and hexdump commands instead of using the stack. From Bob Doiron.
    • cpuhog, serialblaster, and serialrx Examples: Stress test examples added by Bob Doiron.

Bugfixes (see the ChangeLog for details). Some of these are very important:

  • Core OS:

    • get_errno_ptr() and getpid(): Add some checks. If these functions are called very early in initialization before the tasking structures are initialized, they would not behave properly.
  • Networking:

    • IGMP-related bug fixes from Manuel Stühn.
    • In netdev_findbyaddr(), skip network devices that are in the "down" state. It does not make sense to consider an address match with a "down" device. From Brennan Ashton.
  • Network Utilities:

    • DHCPD: The correct value of the PAD option. Should be zero, not one. From Brennan Ashton.
    • Corrections to the NTP client from Manuel Stuehn.
  • Common Drivers:

    • usbhost.h: Fix some USB HID-related conditional compilation. From Leo.
    • USB HID mouse driver: Don't include NAKs from the device in the error count. From Leo.
  • TI Tiva/Stellaris:

    • Add corrected control logic for TM4C125GXL based on logic from Daniel Carvalho with modifications. The LM4F120 also works well with this change.
  • STMicro STM32 Drivers:

    • STM32 F2 SPI: Correct a mapping for SPI MOSI pin. From dlsitzer.
    • OTG FS Host: Fixes related to low-speed devices and interrupt endpoints from Leo. Necessary in order to use a USB HID mouse device.
    • STM32 SDIO: The dmaflight method must be conditioned on CONFIG_SDIO_PREFLIGHT. Noted by Pelle Windestam.
    • Sourceforge Ticket #26. up_prioritize_irq should not be called if CONFIG_ARCH_IRQPRIO is not defined.
  • Atmel SAM3/4:

    • Fix some backward conditional compilation in the start-up logic.
    • Fix initialization of the default interrupt priorities. This is a critical bug fix!
    • SAM4S: Fix error in macros that disable peripheral clocking. From Bob Doiron.
  • Atmel SAMA5:

    • Fix double mapping of SDRAM when executing out of SDRAM. In this case, the SDRAM was already mapping in arm_head.S.
    • In clock configuration, the BMS bit handling was fixed to match what the HW really does. From David Sidrane.
    • TLB Bufferable bit did not do what I thought it was going to do. I though I was selecting a write-through cache, but the result was that all caching was disabled and NOR FLASH accesses were very slow.
    • Move the un-definitions of __ramfuncs__ from the clock configuration .c file to the .h file. Otherwise, the attribute will be applied differently for the prototype and the function definition. Sourceforge patch 38 from Luciano Neri.
  • Atmel SAMA5 Drivers:

    • Fix a case in the UDPHS driver where received status was not being cleared, causing OUT SETUP commands to fail.
    • TWI data sending fails to increment the number of byes transferred on first byte sent. from David Sidrane.
    • If running from SDRAM, then BOARD_MCK_FREQUENCY is not a constant and cannot be used in conditional compilation. All drivers fixed EXCEPT for the PWM and Timer/Counter drivers which will need some more extensive redesign.
  • Atmel SAMA5 Boards:

    • SAMA5D3x-EK: The red LED is controlled by PE24 which is also the camera/ISI interface reset line. So if the a camera is installed, then we must avoid controlling the red LED or we inadvertently also reset the camera module. Noted by David Sidrane.
    • Header files reference type xcpt_t in certain configurations and so must include nuttx/irq.h. This is Sourceforge bug 25 submitted by Luciano Neri.
  • NXP LPC17xx Drivers:

    • arm/src/lpc17xx/Kconfig and lpc17_ethernet.c: The default interrupt priority should be default, not the highest priority.

    • Fix calculation of timer reload and prescaler. The timer frequency was way too fast.
  • Library:

    • strncpy(): Change ordering of test and copy. Logic would have failed if n=0; one byte was always copying before testing for the end of the copy.
    • Fix a counting error in the return value from sscanf(). Noted by kfrolov. Also, sscanf() should return EOF if no values were converted.
    • Fix a logic error in ftell(). It was simply using the file offset and did not take into account data buffered in memory. From Macs N.
    • sccanf(): Use stroul() vs strol() with %u format otherwise, range of values is restricted because of sign bit. From kfrolov.
  • Configuration/Build System:

    • Fix a build error that occurs when only USB device tracing is enabled.
  • NuttShell (NSH):

    • Fix NuttShell version number display in the NSH welcome message. version.h was not being included.
  • Other Applications:

    • sysinfo: CONFIG_VERSION_BUILD is a string an needs to be printed with %s, not %d. Noted by Librae.
    • nxplayer: Compilation failure in one configuration reported by Manuel Stuhn.
    • System sdcard: Remove an STM32 dependency. From Bob Doiron.
    • telnetd Example: Naming is confused. In someplaces telnetd, and in others shell. All changes to telnetd. Noted by Pelle Windestam.
Source: nuttx-7_2-README.mkd, updated 2014-05-23